Junk mail

By mgaft1 | Day by day | 23 Oct 2019



It's pretty amazing how much junk mail we get; every day there are tons of it. Interestingly, I never met a person who'd ever used it. Take it back maybe some coupons, but still.

I am thinking about how much money these people spend on all this junk...

Once my friend and I were ordered a book print in the local print house. It was expensive! And we did it in two colors and on the cheapest paper. So I can imagine how much money do these people spend on colored brochures! It's as if they were throwing the money away!

So, once I got an address of one of those publishers and wrote them to stop sending me junk mail and if they want to waste money they could just send them to me. I wrote sarcastically of course and never thought they will actually take it seriously when one day in a week or so I got this in my mailbox!



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Day by day
Day by day

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