What Crypto do you have?

With so many new and old crypocurrencies around I was just wondering what everyone has? 

I have invested zero of my own money as I'm just a Songwriter and Musician  

All the assets I have accumulated have been through my music posts on Steemit and Whaleshares.

Darren Claxton on Whaleshares

I generally trade a few thousand BTS per week from my blockchain posts, but haven't cashed out into my Fiat currency of GBP since starting out I this crypto world I'm January 2018.

You can check out my Steemit post here... 

Darren Claxton on Steemit

I'm mostly holding Bitshares assets and Steem and some various alt coins through airdrops  


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Music NFT platform built on the Gas Free HIVE Blockchain.

Darren Claxton - Little Words BBC Radio Airplay.
Darren Claxton - Little Words BBC Radio Airplay.

Here's my song LITTLE WORDS which is the title track from my new EP Little Words. It was played on BBC introducing last night. You can hear it here on YouTube https://youtu.be/kGCTXgTTquE

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