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Easysocial is the first truly decentralized blockchain-based social network. Easysocial is a community project focused on user-based grassroots governance. Our goal is to utilize blockchain technology to create a censorship-free, monetized platform promoting the free flow of ideas, where everyone’s voice can be heard regardless of their views on political or social issues.


Easysocial is also more than just another social network. Being the first dApp in our Easylife system of inter-operating dApps each with their own blockchain, Easysocial will function as the community hub of the system and will effortlessly work with the many other dApps planned including a wide variety of user-created media platforms (blogging, music, podcasts, video), gig-economy dApps (ridesharing, freelancing, etc), a blockchain-based code repository and many more – even video games!

The ERC20 token, EZSOC is the presale token designed to raise funds for the completion of the project. Combined with the Bitshares asset there is a total of 2.1 million presale tokens to be sold representing 20% of the initial supply. These presale tokens will be exchanged for liquid SOCIAL tokens upon mainnet launch and are the only way to get liquid SOCIAL tokens from the start. 40% of the initial supply is airdropped on various token holders in the form of staked tokens. Another 20% of the initial supply is reserved for the creation of community accounts to promote healthy community development. Any community is free to apply to receive a portion of this stake which will need to be approved by the users of the platform. Of the remainder, 10% is reserved for our bounty program and to provide new accounts with an initial amount of stake and 10% is retained by the development team.

We invite you all to join the community where you can have any questions answered, comments and suggestions are welcome and it is a bright and vibrant community. Discord is by far the most active platform for now but telegram is also good.
Discord: https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c
Telegram: https://t.me/easysocial
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/easysocial

Follow us on social media to stay abreast of all the latest updates:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasysocialTeam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasysocialTeam
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easysocialteam/


As part of the EasyDex Media team and supported musician, I have full permission to. Sharw this post. 



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Music NFT platform built on the Gas Free HIVE Blockchain.

Darren Claxton - Little Words BBC Radio Airplay.
Darren Claxton - Little Words BBC Radio Airplay.

Here's my song LITTLE WORDS which is the title track from my new EP Little Words. It was played on BBC introducing last night. You can hear it here on YouTube https://youtu.be/kGCTXgTTquE

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