Will Tabi Be The New Blur & Arkham? Participate In Quests!

Tabi is a marketplace that since 29 May 2023 has sent out a marketing campaign that allows you to obtain NFT and climb the leaderboard. What will it be for? The precise details and advantages have not yet been disclosed but the marketplace has already announced the launch of its token and a possible airdrop. You must consider that these are simple tasks that take about 2 minutes so if you want to receive future privileges and something of great value I advise you to pay attention because it is completely free to participate.

What does the team say about these quests?
Tabi is a marketplace owned, driven and built by our community and we are committed to continuing to reward our community members in future phases. Please note that the treasures you collect in the current reward phase will have a significant impact later, so it's essential to keep them close"



What do you need to participate in quests?
1) A wallet (Metamask)
2) Discord
3) Twitter
4) Reddit

As of today, there are three types of quests: Sailor's Quest, Invite Quest, and Reddit Quest. By completing each mission you will get different rewards. The rules are simple and you can complete them in less than five minutes. You don't have to complete all quests, however 1st and 2nd quests are very quick and easy if you already have Twitter, Discord and Reddit accounts.

Start your journey: Tabi


The sailor's quest is based on 6 steps inherent in Twitter and Discord (e.g. connect Twitter and Discord, follow their Twitter page, enter the Discord server). Each quest you complete unlocks more.
What will you get?
1) A Phoenix Feather will be credited directly to your account without requiring any mint.
2) An Iron Artifact Chest that contains a mysterious artifact, the use of which will be revealed later. Iron Chest is a SBT.



To complete this task, simply invite your friends to complete the basic tasks using your unique invite link (which can be found on the invite mission page). Once your invitees have completed their sailor duties, your invitations will be considered valid.
What will you get?
1) Dragon Eggs will be credited directly to your account without requiring any mint.
2) A chest of artifacts. Each Artifact Chest contains a mysterious artifact. Participants will be able to mint an Artifact Chest. Artifact Chest is an SBT.
There are several chests of artifacts. The rarity of the chests will be determined by the number of valid invites you have. The rarer the Artifact Chest, the more powerful the Artifact you get.



As one of the largest online communities in the world, Reddit is the hub of many memes and plays a vital role in the widespread adoption of NFTs among the Web2 audience.
If you have a Reddit account, you can earn Reddit mission rewards by linking your account.
What will you get?
1) Spellbook will be credited directly to your account without requiring any mint. The higher your Reddit score, the more spellbooks you'll get.
2) Reddit Creed possesses a magic that can draw precious artifacts into the hands of its bearer. The Reddit Creed is also an SBT.
The Reddit Creed comes in three rarities: Legend, Mater, and Apprentice. The rarity of your Reddit Creed is determined by your Reddit Score, which is calculated based on your Reddit Karma Score, age, and the number of trophies you've acquired.



One issue that makes me bullish is that their Twitter page has over 700,000 followers, Discord over 500,000 users. If you check their posts the community is quite organic because people participate and interact with their tweets. Maybe they are many airdrop hunters? Maybe.

Arkham's latest airdrop has put major FOMO around. Arkham gave away up to 100k per account and used a quest mechanism similar to Tabi's with wallet registration and similar quests. This does not mean that Tabi will also be such a rich airdrop, however since the time to be spent is a few minutes, it is absolutely worth a try.


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