What Will Happen With "Tulip Trust"? Craig Wright Is Satoshi?

What Will Happen With "Tulip Trust"? Craig Wright Is Satoshi?

In the first days of Bitcoin's life, 1 million Bitcoins were blocked in the "Tulip Trust".
At the time, mined Bitcoins were worth just $ 100,000, while nowadays their value is as much as $ 8 billion, just enough to collapse the cryptocurrency market if the tokens were offered for sale.
To unlock the Seychelles-based Tulip Trust, you need the access keys that Craig Wright says he has.

The Australian computer scientist was certainly one of the founders of the Bitcoin protocol but he claims (for years now) to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself.
The evidence relating to the delivery of the keys dates back to an e-mail message dating back to 2011.
About two weeks ago Craig Wright sent the keys to unlock the encrypted Tulip Trust files that would give access to the blocked Bitcoins.
In the document we can read that, through third parties, the relative keys for the encrypted files that would give access to the cryptocurrency have been delivered and received.

Wright would have provided 16404 bitcoin addresses which, in total, should approach the million Bitcoins.
There is talk of around 820,200 BTC, which at the current price would be $ 7 billion.
And it is precisely for this reason that the price of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is increasing.
If they are unlocked, of course there is also the possibility of recovering all the funds that have been created by the various hard forks, namely BCH and BSV, greatly increasing the total capital.


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