Top Binance Smart Chain DeFi Exchange & Apps

Top Binance Smart Chain DeFi Exchange & Apps

In this article, I will present the best projects of the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). I would like to emphasize that before using any service of this type you must do your own research because as you know, caution is never too much. Obviously this is a new ecosystem ... so high risks, high rewards. Some tokens / exchanges of the Binance Smart Chain have been the protagonists of exit scams (for example BeerGarden and BFI.Finance) but this as we know is part of the crypto world (how many scams are there in Ethereum's DeFi? Really many).

To switch from one format to another (Bep2 to Bep20), I refer you to this article: How to Swap Token Bep2 To Bep20: Binance Smart Chain (Yield Farming)

Personally among these mentioned below, the ones I used are:
-Thugs.Fi (StreetSwap)
-BSCswap (high spread)

PancakeSwap: this is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows you to trade BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. On the dapp there are liquidity pools that allow farming by staking Cake and other BEP20s. It is the number 1 platform.


BakerySwap: this dapp is also an AMM (similar to Pancake or Uniswap for Ethereum's DeFi) with low fees and high speeds. It is also very active in the NFT (Non Fungible Token) sector. There is also an exchange, an earning mechanism, the market for NFT and a Launchpad (like Binance, where tokens are farmed).

BurgerSwap: completely decentralized platform (for staking and governance) that allows you to earn Burger by providing liquidity.


Beefy.Finance: Yield Farming with very high interest rates (Alpha / BNB 254%, BCH / BNB 149%, Link / BNB 88%, BIFI / BNB 197%, etc) and well integrated also with the Thugs.Fi ecosystem which we will see below. It is possible to farm their token by always earning BIFI (Beefy.Fi), if the platform continues to grow ... BIFI could reach very high values ​​(due to the low supply: 80,000! Now BIFI=20-30$). Together with Pancake it is the hottest platform of the moment. Binance and Trust Wallet also made a post about them! Will Yearn Finance be in Binance's DeFi in the future?


Thugs.Fi: it represents a Yield Farming platform where the native token is Thugs, then it is possible to farm Drugs, Guns, Hoes. Thugs (and another token of the platform, namely Cred) uses a token burn mechanism (deflation) every time they are moved or sold (reducing their supply). The exchange is StreetSwap.


Narwhalswap: in addition to the exchange, it allows you to stake Gold, Nar in the various pools. A section for NFT will also be activated.

FryWorld: this is a platform similar to Yearn Finance and Harvest Finance (both Ethereum platform). By owning tokens such as Fries you can participate in governance. Tokens are farmed by inserting others into the various vaults.


UnifiProtocol: an ambitious project that tries to follow the path of Cosmos and Polkadot (i.e. merge multiple blockchains).

AlphaFinanceLab: it is an ecosystem that guarantees interoperability between blockchains. One of the first functions launched is Alpha Homora which guarantees the farming of the Alpha token and a very high apy: it is a leveraged farm (2x). Alpha takes out a leveraged loan from Aave (obviously the borrowed coins must be returned so there is a liquidation risk. You are liquidated if the crypto borrowed has an exaggerated increase in value). Basically, if on other platforms I will have an apyof 50%, thanks to Homora it will be about double (thanks to leverage, 2x). Alpha Finance Lab

RocketGame: platform that has dozens of gambling games inside (RocketDice, Keno, Dice, Mines, Hilo, Plinko and others will be added)


Blink: born from a partnership between Wink (also included in the launchpool) and Binance. It is a gambling platform (Dice and Moon for example).


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