The New Metaverse With Land and Monuments: Next Earth

NextEarth is an interesting metaverse on the Polygon blockchain that allows you to buy pieces of land on the map. The original smart contracts were on the Ethereum blockchain but due to the high fees there was a switch to Polygon. The oracle used is Chainlink. The map is quite similar to Google Map with the difference that each pixel can be purchased (the price varies according to the area. The minimum price is less than $ 1 per square). Approximately 440,000 Land have already been minted to date.


The most expensive pieces of land are: Vatican, Monaco and Gibraltar. The most popular countries are the USA, Russia and South Korea. This is probably the only metaverse that has made a real copy of planet Earth. Why buy?

"You can be involved in this major metaverse project, with many opportunities, from the very beginning. As with crypto, being as early as possible was one of the key success factors"


What is the roadmap? What are the functions?
1) Block of land sold in presale
2) Public Sale Land (August 2021)
3) Internal Marketplace and Land integration on the map
4) Landart (you can create on your land)
5) Integration with Metamask and Polygon (end of 2021)
6) Listing on OpenSea (January 2022)
7) Launch of the launchpad
8) Launch of the Next Earth token (first quarter of 2022)
9) Skins, collectibles and play to earn
10) Staking and token burning (DAO)
11) Integration of fiat payments

If you want to learn more: Next Earth (Whitepaper)

What you need to do is register (with email and password): NextEarth (5% discount with ref link).  KYC is also present (if you want to participate in launchpad) but it is not necessary.

To buy pieces of land just go to "map", search and select them. To pay you must connect your Metamask with Polygon network (before doing this, you go to "profile" and enter your Polygon address). After you have done this, you are ready to buy. You press on "buy" and after a few minutes you will have your NFTs in "my lands". Many plots of land have already been taken, you can still make offers to the owner.


Are you wondering if the Colosseum is mine? The answer is unfortunately no! I tried to buy some territories: Area 51 (Nevada, USA), Chernobyl (Reactor 4), Sealand (near Ipswich, England) but they were all already occupied. I managed to buy some pieces in Area 51 and Chernobyl but not what I wanted. Later I took another 2 lands in England and Italy. However, I am constantly looking for lands that could acquire value IF Next Earth will be successful.


Of course you should do your research before investing in any project (DYOR). It is never about financial advice!

They Twitter page: NextEarth_


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