Some Blockchain Applications In Other Sectors

Some Blockchain Applications In Other Sectors

The Blockchain is not only used for cryptocurrencies but it also has applications in everyday life, just think that the German railways (DB) plan to insert all the travel information in it because it is based on multiple clients connected between their. Each data is provided with a "hash value" with numbers and letters that cannot be modified and each block created is assigned another hash value.

The Blockchain should also be implemented in the health sector, as regards organ donation.

Slock, on the other hand, is a company that produces locks based on it (they can be opened or closed via smart contracs).

With Corrently instead, for each kilowattara of ecological energy consumed, users receive a credit inserted in the Blockchain (this allows to lower the costs for electricity).
Instead AUW records the exchange of energy between neighbors on the Blackchain (users who have solar panels on the roof can share excess energy with the neighbors).

The idea of ​​Sonnen GmbH, the supplier of intelligent energy accumulators, is also based on sharing.
Basically the company has connected around 30,000 families who have their own device creating the "Sonnen Community".
How does it work? Families manage solar or wind energy panels for their current needs by making available to the public electricity grid ... stored and unused energy.
All this to compensate for shortages of solar or wind energy, depending on the weather.
Each accumulator is registered on the blockchain so that the operator of the electricity network can decide which one to access, in case of failure of his own.


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