One Of The Most Profitable Methods: Launchpad (Bybit)

Today I wanted to present an interesting exchange called Bybit. Bybit is very similar to Binance.
If the Binance engine is BNB (Binance Coin), the Bybit engine is BitDAO. The KYC is very fast and the exchange is simple to use. What are the main functions of Bybit?
1) Trading (spot market, derivatives, perpetuals)
2) Staking (DeFi Mining and Flexible Staking)
3) Launchpool (usually BitDAO will be needed)
4) Launchpad (you can only participate with BitDAO)


The most interesting are the Launchpad that work like Binance's. Unlike Binance, after the verification periods are in 7 days, on Bybit instead the average is carried out in 5 days.
The minimum to participate in the launchpad is 50 BitDAO.
In the 5 days the checks begin where the exchange runs screens on the entire user account.
If you put 50 BIT the last 2 days, obviously you cannot participate in the launchpad.

0 BIT (day 1) + 0 BIT (day 2) + 0 BIT (day 3) + 50 BIT (day 4) + 50 BIT (day 5) = 100 BIT / 5 = 20 BIT


If you want to participate in the launchpad, the 5-day average must be at least 50 BIT. But what is a launchpad? Basically you buy a token in pre-sale. After the subscriptions are finished, the distribution and listing on the exchange takes place. I remember that some launchpads have also made the 70 / 80x (rise). Let's assume that "X token Launchapad" = 1$ (pre-sale).
If you get two tokens from launchpad, you will buy them for 2$ of BitDAO. The token will be listed on Bybit and obviously it will increase at the listing. 10$? 20$? Depends. However, it is a sure gain. I believe that launchpads are one of the most profitable things to make money. This exchange has partnerships with Alameda and the FTX exchange.


I remember that this exchange also has interesting bonuses when you sign up. There are bonuses for deposits, trades, derivatives and for inviting your friends. You can read the bonus here: Bybit (Referral Bonus Info)
However, I remember that if you want to take advantage of bonus you will have to use a ref link: Bybit (Signing Up)

The most successful launchpool was Genopets (it is a "move to earn" on Solana's platform, similar to Pokemon Go). It did about 60x. If we try to project the price of BIT (Bybit's engine) to that of BNB, we notice that there may be room for growth over time. Obviously I believe that BNB's market cap will never reach it, but it is interesting to make these comparisons (to check whether an asset is underpriced or not)


Attention! You have to do your research (#DYOR). They are not financial advice.


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