My Investment In Star Atlas (NFT Metaverse)

A few months ago I started buying the first ships for Star Atlas. I believe a lot in this metaverse. Star Atlas is a metaverse that uses the Solana blockchain. You can use the Phantom wallet. The $Atlas token and $USDC can be purchased on Raydium. You'll need Solana too. The great thing is that these ships can be staking and allow $Atlas token farming. These ships are valued from $20 to $99,000. I am talking about the original prices. The ships have a limited supply so when they are bought they can be relisted at higher prices (now the larger "Fimbul ECOS Treearrow" sells for $175,000). What types of ships are available?

-Refuel / Repair
-Bounty Hunter
-Date Runner

I believe that each ship will have a specific mission in the game so it will allow you to earn different amounts of Atlas (there will be ships for the defense of the territory, others useful for saving crews, others carrying resources, etc). I emphasize that in the Star Atlas Metaverse there will be 3 zones:
1) Safe Zone
2) Intermediate Zone (where it will be possible to carry out missions and earn)
3) Risk Zone (in this area it will also be possible to lose your ship. This can be completely destroyed)

Pre alpha-gameplay (Unreal Engine 5):

You can pay for your ships in $USDC or $Atlas. Prices are different and when there is a lot of volatility it might be worth paying in Atlas. In the table below, you can read the yields of Atlas' staking ships for farming (yield is reported in $USDC). Clearly the more expensive ships produce more $Atlas but the proportions, although similar, are slightly different. I remember that the resources (health, fuel, food, ammo) to send them on a mission have their price so check the net daily return and calculate the ROI (about 10 months).
Here you can find the site with the returns: Star Atlas Explorer

But how are ships staking? You buy your ship in the Star Atlas Marketplace, make the claim in the inventory and then from "Faction Fleet" you can send it on a mission. When you want you can make the claim. I bought several ships, the biggest ones: Rainbow OM (3100 USDC) and Tufa Feist (795 USDC). You can see the daily farming of Atlas: about 111 and 34 Atlas.


In addition to $Atlas which will be the token that is earned in the game, I remember that there is also the governance token called $Polis. The price of $Atlas is very variable. Farming is not known how long it lasts so always do your research before investing (DYOR).


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