Layer Zero: Is $ZRO Token Coming? Aptos Deploying, Binance & CoinMarketCap

You surely know the LayerZero protocol basically you can imagine it as a mix between Cosmos/Polkadot and a bridge. The revolution respect to bridges lies in using native formats, therefore not wrapped tokens. Bridges usually have multiple attachment points because they are a centralized hub that holds native formats and provides the user with a "wrapped" version. If users bridge 1000 BTC to Solana there will be at least 1000 BTC in the bridge and 1000 wBTC on the Solana chain.

As you can understand there are multiple attack points:
1) The bridge can be hacked (the wrapped version would lose the peg because it would no longer be supported 1:1)
2) The other point of attack is the smart contract in the chain where the wrapped version is used

Basically if you use native formats you only have one attachment point. If you use a bridge you have 2 attack points: the chain where you are using your tokens and the bridge. In the last 2 years there have been many bridges hacked: from Wormhole to Nomad, passing through Multichain.
Wormhole was saved by Alameda (with money from FTX users?), Nomad and Multichain caused very serious problems on EVMos and Fantom. Nomad was the main liquidity hub on EVMos, even greater the damage done by the Multichain hack to Fantom. All wrapped versions have lost the peg on the Fantom chain: from USDC to Link, passing through YFI, wBTC and CRV.
The bankruptcy of FTX also caused many problems in the Solana ecosystem as many native assets (Wormhole?) were deposited there and then disappeared.
LayerZero tries to solve this kind of problem because it is omnichain and uses tokens only with native format. Basically, you could only have problems if the platform where you deposited your tokens is hacked. LayerZero does not keep your tokens, it only acts as an intermediary for the transition from one chain to another.


There have been speculations for 1 year that LayerZero's official token $ZRO is about to be launched. In the last few hours, rumors have circulated that he would have been depoloed on Aptos.
Details of the transaction were shared via Aptos Explorer, sparking speculation within the crypto community.
Tracing LayerZero's official endpoint to Aptos Explorer, a transaction resides on Aptos involving LayerZero and the $ZRO token, where a link pointing to a specific contract address was shared: 0x54ad3d30af77b60d939ae356e6606de9a4da67583f02b962d2d3f2e481484e90


For more info: Mainnet Address (LayerZero Gitbook)
As the rumor continues to circulate, the possibility that the $ZRO token is on the horizon has become a focal point of interest. The introduction of the $ZRO token has substantial implications for the crypto space. However, it is vital to proceed with caution and wait for official announcements from the LayerZero team to validate the rumor.
If you know how Stargate (main dapps built on LayerZero) works you should know that ZRO will be an Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT). What is meant by this term? ZRO will have native format on all supported chains. Surely during the aridrop they will probably have to decide on which chain to allow the claim. Basically they could use Metamask (Ethereurm, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, ZKsync, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc) or Martian Wallet (Aptos). I believe that for compatibility and greater usability they will choose an EVM and then Metamask. They could also allow an omnichain claim and it would be something never seen in the crypto world.

How to be eligible? You could be, if you've used these platforms:
-Stargate Finance (Omnichain)
-Radiant Capital (Arbitrum/BNB Chain)
-Rage Trade (Arbitrum/Avalanche)
-Angle Money (Arbitrum/Optimism)
-Polyhedra Network/ZKbridge (Omnichain)
-Holograph (Omnichain)
-Cedro Finance (Omnichain)
-Cashmere Exchange (Omnichain)
-L2 Marathon (Omnichain)
-AptosSwap (Aptos)
-LiquidSwap (Aptos)
-AptosBridge (Aptos)

These are just a few platforms. DappRadar also uses the LayerZero infrastructure for $RADAR staking. If you want to check volumes and transactions you can use this site: 10kDrop
Remember that it is not accurate (many dapps are missing that are not reported) and above all nobody can know the criteria in advance.
Other rumors that highlighted the probability of the token arriving was the appearance of ZRO on Binance and CoinMarketCap.


Why does LayerZero interest you so much? In addition to its technical functioning, also because it is very likely that it will perform a huge airdrop for all users who have interacted with its dapps before the launch of $ZRO! Does Uniswap, Arbitrum, Optimism, Forth, Ethereum Name Service, Arkham, EVMos etc tell you anything? Airdrop? We will see. The certain thing is that the crypto world offers emotions (and fear) like no other!





Arkham airdrop
 was from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was enough to register an email and then the address. Basically, these are intra-chain analysis and intelligence sites (tracking of on-chain movements). Two other similar sites have opened whitelists where you just need to enter your email. Someone is hinting that they could perform an airdrop like Arkham so I suggest you sign up by entering your email:

Nansen (Whitelist, Only Mail)

Velodata (Whitelist, Only Mail)


Tabi (Social Quests: Twitter, Discord, Reddit). For more info: Will Tabi Be The New Blur & Arkham? Participate In Quests!


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