How TON Works: Use Cases and Social Username (Telegram)

TON was born in 2018 under the name of Telegram Open Network, when the Durov brothers, the creators of the Telegram messaging app, had the idea of building a next-generation blockchain. Actually the native token was called GRAM. The goal of the two creators of Telegram was to create a network capable of supporting the entire ecosystem. The project immediately gained international recognition as the new giant of the future Web3. About $1.5 billion has been raised by its ICO. However, the team's work had to come to a complete halt due to the intervention of the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2020. The SEC insisted that the distribution of GRAM did not comply with US laws. The situation eventually led the Durov brothers to abandon the project.

Before the original team left the project, a testnet had been released, as well as the full network design. The documents were collected by a group of TON enthusiasts who called themselves NewTON. Later the mainnet finally saw the light of day and is now known as The Open Network. NewTON, in turn, became the TON Foundation, a community of devoted TON fans committed to supporting the project. In late 2022 and early 2023, the TON Network enjoyed an incredible level of popularity among both users and the apps that use it. This crypto can be used on its network, but there are also wrapped versions on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. The TON token is used to pay the onchain and cross-chain gas fees. Validators on the TON network must stake the TON token to participate in transaction processing and earn rewards. TON plays a central role in the network governance model and powers a variety of projects that use the TON network.


Telegram is no longer actively involved in The Open Network, however the token still remains tied to the messaging app. The TON crypto has become the Telegram crypto: thanks to the @Wallet Bot developed by the developers themselves. Through it it is possible to buy TON and send crypto to users via chat and without commissions in the various groups by simply using their username. With Wallet Bot it is also possible to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card and carry out peer-to-peer transactions (semi-anonymous, even if your mobile phone number must be entered). Sales commissions are 0.9%. To buy TON or BTC you also use USD, EURO and other fiatcurrency. You will be redirected to Neocrypto you can deposit on external wallets but also on Telegram ("my wallet/deposit").

7b3e610b9a13743fdd32fb0807c5efe6d65e3df19d2855b06d659ced0ae09664.jpgThe Open Network is also used by Telegram for its "TON Domain Name Service". Through the Fragment platform, users can buy Telegram names and numbers in the form of NFT domains (digital identity and exclusive ownership of that name) with the TON crypto. The largest sale was that of the @news name, purchased on November 18 for 994,000 TON (nearly $2 million). This is followed by @auto, @bank, @avia, @chat, @king, @fifa, @game, @sber, @meta, @casino, @doge, @hotels, @pizza, @nike, etc


You can connect Telegram to the site (with phone number) or the Tonkeeper wallet (by scanning the QR code) with the TON needed to buy them (username/place bid/QR code with Tonkeeper). To sell them, however, I have to connect my Telegram account (with mobile number) by activating the 2-step verification (7 days for security reasons), go to the "my usernames" section and confirm the auction on Telegram. Sales commissions are 5% + 5 TON.


Other dapps: Tonex (Web3 social networking linking personal accounts to blockchain addresses), Tonplace (a version of Patreon
where creators can share their work with the public, while their followers can pay for exclusive content using TON), Ton Fruits (gambling), (NFT market), Disintar (another NFT market where you can create also virtual rooms), Ston.Fi (Market Maker), Startup Market (it is a platform where startups can quickly raise the necessary funding), NOWpayments (donations & payments), Tonstarter (launchpad).


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