How To Use Harvest Finance On The Binance Smart Chain (Complete Guide)

I am trying to accumulate 🅵🅰🆁🅼 because I believe it is a valuable token. Personally, I love Yield Optimizer / Aggregator platforms such as Harvest Finance because in addition to guaranteeing excellent farming rewards, they also "protect" their token thanks to staking rewards. I have some Farm on the Ethereum network but I would like to start using Harvest also on the BSC.


Surely their passage on the Binance Smart Chain will allow anyone to take advantage because, as we know, the Ethereum network cuts out small investors. In this article I would like to provide a general guide even for beginners so that they can become familiar with Harvest Finance and the Binance Smart Chain. Why? Since there is still a lot of confusion about the use of Yield Farming platforms (on Ethereum but above all on the Binance Smart Chain) I thought of a similar article. Also because I will spread the post on other platforms so that it reaches as many people as possible. I believe that the more people become familiar with these platforms, the easier it will be to adopt crypto.

I will illustrate all the steps to be taken to be immediately operational and enter the farm!
1) Register at Binance (why? To carry out operations on the Binance Smart Chain, you have to buy some Bnb! 15 $ is more than enough)

2) We will have to transfer Bnb to the Binance Smart Chain. At this point we can use Trust Wallet (already configured with the BSC) or Metamask!

3) If you decide to use Trust Wallet, all you have to do is search for Bnb (Bep20) and copy the receiving address (starts with "0x"). If you decide to use Metamask instead, you will need to configure it with the Binance Smart Chain.
To do this, "Custom RPC" and set this data:

BSC Mainnet
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

4) You go to Binance and you can transfer Bnb to your Trust Wallet Bep20 address or to your Bep20 address on Metamask! Both start with "0x". The very important thing is to choose "Withdrawal Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)"

5) If you don't see the tokens (Bnb or whatever it is) I remind you that you can add custom tokens on Metamask and Trust Wallet.
Here you can find contract and decimals: BscScan

6) At this point all you have to do is go to, making sure you choose Binance Smart Chain. You can access from a browser via Metamask or with Trust Wallet from your smartphone (you can browse Harvest Finance from the Trust Wallet browser itself).


Harvest uses different vaults by shifting liquidity to:


As you can see on Harvest, the APY on BTC and ETH are very interesting: around 20%. By clicking on "Harvest APY" you can read the rewards that will be obtained. 


When you decide to use a vault by choosing the token in which you intend to receive staking rewards, just click on "deposit". At this point a smart contract will be executed and after a few seconds your tokens will be deposited on Harvest.

What am I doing? I am currently using the Venus vault to staking some Busd. The idea is to have as much bFarm as possible and then stake it. Afterwards I will try other vaults. PancakeSwap's ones also look very interesting in yield. I would like to recommend Harvest Finance because it is finally possible to use the platform without having to spend too much Ethereum gas. For the deposit on Harvest Finance I executed some smart contract and I paid a total of about 1 dollar (in Bnb).



Are you using Harvest Finance? Which vault are they using?


Website:Harvest Finance
Twitter: @HarvestFinance
Telegram: Breadforthepeople
Medium: Harvest Finance

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