How To Follow Smart Money: Useful Sites And Tools (VC)

Following smart money is very important in the investment world. That's not to say you don't have to do your research. It doesn't mean you have to go "all in" without knowing what you're buying. However you can get an idea about any new projects and the good ones. Even VC can make mistakes, but keep in mind that they have entire teams behind them who do this research work. There are billions of dollars at stake so theoretically their investments are not reckless. Just know that in 2021, VC earned over $100 million (Matic, Sand, Avax mainly). By pursuing projects backed by big funds, you can potentially get a 50x return or more. How to track top VC investments for the next bull cycle? There are tools and pages that you need to know! Let's see them.

Before you start, check out the complete list of VC foundations. You can treasure this table because it will be useful in any research activity.


A point of reference are these Twitter pages CryptoRank and Crypto Dealflow
In particular on CryptoRank by accessing the "funds" section you can access the detailed history with each investment made: CryptoRank (Funds)
Here you will find another site useful for fundraising (by searching for a crypto project you can find out which VC have invested money in it): CryptoFundraising
This table is updated in real time: AirTable (Real Time)
Another useful site is CypherHunter which highlights investments in small projects (in this case there are more risks because the projects are smaller): CypherHunter

Another very useful site is Watchers Pro where you can find a bit of everything: dapps, NFT, whales, money flows, holders; VC investments, assets and wallets; money flow i.e. incoming and outgoing flows of the various wallets): Watchers Pro
A tool that tracks the movements of the whales (generic therefore not VC) is BubbleMaps. Here too large movements and purchases are tracked: Lookonchain (Twitter) ROI from various projects for VC Dropstab_com where you can browse ROI. Coins -> ICO ROI and easily sort by USDC ROI or Market Cap.

You will surely already know DefiLlama because it is the reference site for Crypto and DeFi where you can truly find everything.
Follow these steps:
• Click on Raises ->Overview
• Sort by convenient filters
• Select a project of interest
• Click on the news link

In order to find projects in which investments have not yet been announced, you need to follow the profiles of employees of funds.
To find them you can use TwitterScore:
• Find any major project or foundation
• Click Top Followers
• You'll see an itemized list of Twitter accounts that are affiliated with different VC

Read descriptions and follow them on Twitter. If VC members are following the project, you'll see it. If VC follow the project, it means there is definitely interest in the project, or a future investment is possible. Obviously this is a signal/clue. This does not necessarily happen, however, as I said, VC and big funds never follow a page for no reason. Once you have made your list of useful accounts to follow, analyze them periodically.
List of funds and their movements: Twitter Funds List


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