Games And Wallet Guide For Telegram: Hamster Kombat & Catizen

If you have Telegram and are passionate about cryptocurrencies you absolutely shouldn't miss the "tap games" or in any case "play to airdrop" that are emerging. Why? Because Telegram has over 800 million users so it could become something absolutely devastating. Telegram uses the Toncoin blockchain and $TON token. The first airdrops are starting to arrive for those who play these games. Furthermore, $TON monetization has been activated on Telegram channels.


Every Telegram account has an integrated wallet. It's very simple to activate it, just search for "wallet" (on Telegram search) and then follow the instructions. Activating the wallet is completely free but remember that if you want to carry out any on-chain transaction, the gas fees are paid in $TON. When you create the wallet, you have the "crypto top-up" function and you can send $TON from an external wallet (for example from an exchange, such as Bybit) or buy with a credit card. The functions are identical to those of a normal wallet: address to "receive" $TON and "send" button to send $TON to exchanges that support it (there is also a swap in the wallet to convert tokens into $TON). The wallet is a hybrid between non-custodial and custodial. I would say it is more custodial, however we can trust Telegram. To configure the wallet it asks for your name and mobile number (used to verify accounts. A code will arrive on your mobile phone).
As mentioned, activating the wallet is free and it is not necessary to send $TON, however it is strongly recommended if you decide to participate in some games because claiming tokens (airdrop) could involve paying a few cents in gas fees. In some games it may be possible to transfer $TON from Ton Wallet to Ton Space.



All these games work simply by starting a bot. Once the game bot is started, you will have a private conversation and by pressing "play" you will be sent back to the game. Then just exit the game and your progress is saved automatically. Most of these games have daily check-in (just start the app and you will get free points that will be converted into tokens).


The first project that was launched and had great success was Notcoin. Once the bot was started, it was enough to press on the screen like a madman to accumulate tokens. $NOT was then listed on Binance. Not great gameplay, however some people have made thousands of dollars completely free.


To date it is a clone of Notcoin, however in the future it should evolve into a real game. Today you can accumulate points by pressing the hamster in the center and then carrying out simple missions (daily check-in, following their page on Twitter, subscribing to the YouTube channel, etc).
My advice? Do these missions and always check in daily (which is very beneficial if you never skip a day). If you then decide to wear out your fingers with the "tap" you can do so, however I am mainly performing the daily check-in which is done in 1 second. Link bot: HamsteR Kombat Bot (Telegram)



This is absolutely more interesting and the potential is devastating (it has been mentioned by Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk). The big problem with this game is that in its simplicity... it causes addiction! In tokenomics we read that 40% of the token supply will be airdropped to those who play with it. The game does not include any particular skills... other than evolving cats and accumulating utility tokens in the game. 


Access the game via this link and you will immediately get $Fish token: Catizen Bot (Telegram). The screen that will appear in front of you is a bit confusing. Below you have a rectangle where there are cats. You simply stack cats to get a higher level cat. For example, if you overlap 2 "level 1" cats, you will get a "level 2" cat. Then 2 "level 2" cats will take you to a "level 3" cat and so on. Below are 4 "level 7" cats, I will get 2 "level 8" cats which in turn overlap will give me 1 "level 9" cat, etc


The higher the level of your cats, the more coins you will get in the game. When the mining pool opens cats can be staked to earn $wCati.

Basically there are 4 utility tokens:
1) $Fish (used to level up your cat faster)
2) $vKitty (used to generate other cats)
3) $vCati (governance token: airdrop)
4) $xZen (social token that will influence airdrops with various boosts)

The rectangle contains a maximum of 12 cats. Some are airdropped simply by keeping the game open. As mentioned, they must be overlapped to obtain higher level cats. Using the "generate" function, if you have enough $vKitty, you can speed up the process by getting more and more cats to overlap. In "generate" you read the cost necessary to generate cats, instead the balance you have farmed is shown above. Don't be afraid to spend $vKitty...the most important thing is to level up your cats!

853830b5bce801e32848a5266762cf30010c2821c3ff817f32da336cdbe7879f.jpgFeed” allows you to get higher level cats in the quadrant. You can get the free feed or use $vKitty or $Fish to get higher level cats to overlap.
The "rocket" in the center allows you to increase the speed of the game (you can also do it for free, without spending $Fish). "Shop" allows you to buy $Fish (you don't have to do this, you can earn it for free). The best strategy is to activate the "auto" mode (you have to accumulate 3900 $Fish to activate it), it allows you to increase the production of vkitty/s simply by keeping your PC or smartphone turned on to this game. The "earn" section allows you to earn $Fish by carrying out simple daily missions such as: check-in, login, daily purchase, daily invite, visit their website, follow their Twitter page, follow the Toncoin page, like, retweet, etc

3a3c6aacd32eba546286937da61ea46ce470482232889446a640189d6c2de729.pngThe "spin" section (simply a lottery) allows you to earn $Fish and $xZen based on the diamonds and dollars obtained. Instead "fishing" at the top right allows you to get diamonds, $vKitty, etc
The "mining" (launchpool) section, when active, allows you to stake cats and stake $Fish to earn $wCati.
You can do all this absolutely free, if you then decide to spend a few dollars in $TON, you will speed up the process of upgrading the cats and therefore the quantity of ardrop you will receive. Basically what you need to do is level up your cats as quickly as possible while waiting for the launchpool where you can stake your cats (the first one finished in May).


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