Doodles, The Dooplicator And Doodles 2: Avatars For The Masses?

Doodles is an NFT project launched in October 2021 that reached an ATH of around 25 ETH. The mint price was 0.0123 ETH. The developers of this project are those of Cryptokitties (one of the historical NFT projects born even in 2017), the founders are Evan Keast, Scott Martin and Jordan Castro. In this collection live humans, cats, aliens, monkeys, spaceships, etc. that have various traits of a certain % rarity. Owning a Doodle also gives you voting power for future roadmaps. The team's idea is to bring this project to the masses. How could it become a project for the masses if the floor price is close to 7 ETH? Simple, creating a new collection: the Doodles 2!



Also connected to this NFT collection are the Dooplicators that will allow the launch of Doodles 2. Doodles 2 are NFTs designed for the masses and modifiable with hats, mustaches, cigarettes, clothes and general objects. These NFT that could act as avatars on various social networks will also be customizable with music and animated. I remember that Instagram has integrated NFT (Polygon and Flow). Doodles also organizes events around the world and will also try to enter the gaming world (Space Doodles). The company also launched Doodles Record for the production of music with the Columbia Records label (in fact Pharrell Williams also joined the team as a board member).

Doodles 2 will therefore be animated and customizable NFT with certain features (stockings, skirts, trousers, hats, skin color, etc.) and will have the whole body (and not just the face). Genesis Boxes instead contain clothing from Doodles 2, the purchased traits will no longer be salable.
Instead, the Dooplicators are tools in 3 rarities (very common, common and rare) that have been airdropped to the Doodles holders and allow you to "double" the traits of the original Doodles (the total is 10,000) and bring them into Doodles 2.


To have these traits you need to have an original Doodle. The traits can then be sold on the Ongaia Market (Doodles 2 - Wearables). The peculiarity of the Doodles 2 is that they will use the Flow and Dapper blockchain (the same as NBA Top Shot). Planned updates to the Dooplicator firmware will allow Dooplicator firmware, even used ones, to be used in new and different ways. Using a Dooplicator will also lead to a Beta Pass for Doodles 2.

So the Dooplication process allows you to extract wearable devices from a Doodle. After using your Dooplicator, you will receive up to 9 wearables, plus a Beta Pass. Once used the Dooplicator runs out but will recharge for new uses in the future. Surely this is an interesting model and ecosystem to follow as they are trying to do something different. Attention! This is not financial advice and is not a sponsored article. I just brought to light an NFT project that is making a lot of noise.


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