Dego Finance Giveaway On The Binance Smart Chain (NFT)

Dego Finance Giveaway On The Binance Smart Chain (NFT)

Months ago, a Batman series (NFT) sold for $ 195,000. In reality there are also those who have done better: a Cryptokitties cat sold for 600 Ethereum (over 390,000 dollars) but there are also other examples such as the F1 (Delta Time) car sold for 270,000 dollars. Also some Land of Sandbox and Decentraland (decentralized virtual reality) have reached very high values. For example: Rare Batman NFT Art Raises $200,000 in Sale Led by Mysterious Collector
I believe that NFT will be one of the trend of the coming years so as long as possible it is better to exploit all the airdrops / giveaways and accumulate as much as possible.

Today I present to you the Dego Finance airdrop (500 NFT will be given). This platform is present on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (they have nearly 65,000 followers on Twitter). 


This is the Telegram event (following their Tweet or post on Medium they are doing airdrops on other platforms as well). Attention, it will be possible to participate in the giveaway until December 20th! You can read the official press release of the events here:


How to participate on Telegram event?

1) First you need Telegram (Play Store) or Telegram (Apple Store)

2) All you need to do is use this bot (Telegram):

(if you are reading from your computer use the version Telegram Desktop (Download) or return to this article from your mobile)

3) You will be asked to join two Telegram groups and then to follow their page on Twitter


4) Enter Twitter nickname (@yourname) and BNB address (Bep20) to receive the NFT. Follow the bot's instructions to increase your chances of winning!


If you need a Binance Smart Chain address (Bep20) to receive the NFT, just download Trust Wallet (Download)
Once you have downloaded and set the seed, just press the top right and search for the "Binance Smart Chain" token. Then in "Receive" you will read your address (which you must enter in the bot)! The address is similar to an Ethereum so it starts with "0x". The difference is that on the Binance Smart Chain, the fees are very low (a few cents). Good luck & merry Christmas!


Official site: Dego.Finance


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