Complete Guide To Ethereum 2.0 Staking: Full Node Or Staking Pool?

Complete Guide To Ethereum 2.0 Staking: Full Node Or Staking Pool?

There is great excitement for the launch of Ethereum 2.0, we are now in phase 0 (Beacon Chain and introduction of staking). In phase 1 the "sharding" mechanism will be perfected (transactions will be "fragmented", this will increase their speed) and this will happen in 2021. Perhaps complete Ethereum 2.0 will arrive in 2022 (staking, sharding, smart contract). Today we focused on staking.
To stake the new Ethereum, there are two possibilities:

1) Full Validator/Node (at least 32 Ether)
2) Staking Pool (<32 Ether or over 32 Ether but you don't want to become a full validator)


You must remember that once you have placed at least 32 Ether in staking, they will remain blocked until the creation of the new token (more than 1 year) and it will no longer be possible to withdraw the liquidity provided. Our Ether will become bETH (1: 1 ratio).
For an official guide: Ethereum 2.0 (Full Node Guide)

Attention because becoming a full node (at least 32 Ether) using an unsuitable machine can lead to the loss of your Ether (𝕊𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘). You are penalized if you misbehave (do not validate transactions, try to double spend or validate counterfeit blocks), if the node is unstable (goes offline) and therefore if the equipment for the full node is inadequate.
You incur in Slashing, when as a result of penalties you get to 16 Ether. In this case you will lose your node (including your Ether staked!). It is very easy to be caught for incorrect behavior, in fact both the proponent who discovers the crime (and who gives the "alarm") and the whistleblower will be entitled to a prize. The Ether lost depends on the infraction and on how many validators commit the crime. "Slashing" should not be confused with "inactivity" sanctions. Inactivity leads to a limited loss of Ether, the slash is instead a definitive and irreversible expulsion (with loss of all Ether). Whoever gets "slashed" usually acts against the Ethereum network.


For staking pools, the situation is very different (the fees mentioned are deducted from the rewards received):

Among the best staking pools we have STKR built by the ANKR team (a service that allows you to rent full nodes by paying a monthly fee).
How does it work? These are micropools managed by a provider (full validator) that manages the node. We stakers provide liquidity and receive rewards (if the provider misbehaves he will be slashed but the stakers are NOT at risk).
In this case it is possible to send from 0.5 to 1000 Ether.
Thanks to this staking pool, in the short term we will also have liquidity: aETH (this is a token in a 1: 1 ratio with Ether but which increases over time based on rewards).

aETH = Ether (staked) + rewards (for staking)


At any time I can trade aETH on Uniswap and get my staked Ethereum back!
To carry out the operations we can use Metamask.
Obviously it is also possible to become a full validator on STKR itself: just rent hardware on ANKR ($ 139 per month). The provider receives more rewards than stakers but must also inject liquidity in Ether or Ankr (it is a kind of insurance ranging from 1.6 to 2 Ether or 100,000 Ankr).


Let's recap:
1) Stakers (enter 0.5 Ether to 1000 Ether and earn rewards in aETH)
2) Providers (if they have no hardware they use Ankr by renting the full node. In addition to the 32 Ether, they must provide insurance and risk "Slashing" but earn much more than stakers)
3) Governors (it is the DAO for voting. It is necessary to stake ANKR, it is not necessary to have a node)


Other services to observe are: RocketPool e Staked.



Which strategy will you use? Full Node, simple Staking or will you continue to use CEFI platforms?



⚠️For CEFI platforms I am obviously referring to BlockFi and Celsius Network where it is possible to staking simply by depositing crypto. For the first registration you also earn bonus in BTC, here I made a comparison between the two: BlockFi & Celsius Network: What's The Best?

To find out the exact deposit amount to receive the bonus in BTC, after registering with the ref link, read the current promotion on their website!





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