Best Bep2 Tokens On Trust Wallet (Binance)

In this article we will see the best 🅱🅴🅿2 tokens (it is also possibile swapping with the 🅴🆁🅲20 format) that you can buy on Trust Wallet (Binance). The trade pair between these tokens is obviously BNB (Binance Coin which can be bought on Binance or Trust Wallet). Through BNB it is possible to buy these tokens and also perform the reverse operation. For ERC20 the trade pair is obviously Ethereum.


✅ Elrond (ERD) = Erd uses Secure Proof Of Stake (total supply: 20,000,000,000).
Elrond Network focuses on the decentralization, scalability, efficiency, security and interoperability of Blockchains (EVM: Elrond Virtual Machine).
The transaction speed should reach 10k trx / sec, other characteristics of the network are low latency and low transaction fees. By blocking ERD (ERC20) through stacking (smart contract) it is possible to earn rewards. For more info: Elrond



✅Contentos (COS) = This platform (listed on Binance and Trust Wallet) is very similar to
The native token is COS but the platform also allows you to earn other tokens called POP (which cannot be withdrawn but can be used in the lotteries of the site, where COS can also be earned) and VEST (which can be converted to COS).

The daily login guarantees the winning of POP or Ethereum. Then there are other games, such as the "POP treasure hunt" (by spending the POPs earned it is possible to win other POP or even COS) and the "chest" (one free per day: allows you to win COS, POP, BTC or Ether) . A bit like Steemit, we have the "energy" system (it is influenced by VEST that it is possible to have using the COS token: the greater the VEST and the higher your income can be by putting likes, commenting videos, etc) and "stamina" (it is used to follow, comment, put like. It is recharged automatically but using COS it is possible to speed up times).


Some partners? Samsung, Chainlink, Binance, Atomic Wallet, Loopring, Theta, Trust Wallet.

If you want to register:
Invitation code: G16SM


✅Dos Network (DOS) = This is an oracle (like Chainlink or Band), it supports multiple blockchains and cross-chain transactions. Furthermore, the many nodes that make up the network ensure good scalability. Useful for stablecoin (as an oracle), for linking contracts on different blockchains, for 3D rendering and for machine learning apps. It can also be implemented in casinos and blockchain-based games. For more info: Dos Network




✅Ferrum Network = Ferrum seeks to improve transaction speed and ease of use through decentralized apps (DeFi). There is also a card called First Kudi and a payment app. A non-custodial wallet (Unifyre) has also been launched with "link drop" technology which allows the decentralized recovery of the private key. Infinity Dex is a cross chain with decentralized margin trading. SubZero is instead an offline storage space. For more info: Ferrum Network



✅Iris Network (IRIS) = Iris incorporates services related to Cosmos infrastructure.
Integration of business services offered by heterogeneous systems, including public & consortium chains as well as legacy systems.
Interoperability of those services across an internet of blockchain. The applications will be supported by the IRISNet Mobile Client. For more info: IrisNet



✅Bezant (BZNT) = It is an erc20 that also supports bep2. Aimed at the mainly Asian market, they try to facilitate blockchain solutions for companies. Loyalty rewards are distributed through smart contracts. BZNT aims to replace intermediaries and to allow the distribution of money (therefore tokens) via smart contracts (i.e. if certain conditions are fulfilled). For more info: Bezant



✅LTO Network (LTO) = LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information. LTO can be used by any company with a need for a production-ready blockchain that allows for digital verification of digital assets and enabling collaboration through the use of decentralized workflows. It is a blockchain PoS based (Fair Leased Proof of Stake). Anyone can become a validator on mainnet and share the non-inflationary network rewards, supporting the next wave of adoption. For more info: LTO Network




✅Meet.One (MEETONE) = Meet.One chain is committed to make a joint effort with Block Producers and developers, aiming to promote the development of trustworthy Internet and utilize blockchain technology to empower Internet. For more info: Meet.One



✅Harmony (One) = Harmony is a secure blockchain for decentralized applications. The mainnet supports 4 shards of 1000 nodes, producing blocks in 5 seconds with finality.
Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) reduces centralization while supporting stake delegation, reward compounding and double-sign slashing. Even Harmony (like Algorand) claims to have solved the trilemma (they guarantee scalability without compromising decentralization and security). For more info: Harmony



✅Raven Protocol (RAVEN) = Raven Protocol is based on machine learning and AI. Deep learning is expensive and time consuming. Recognition of images, processing of natural language, etc. This is very computationally expensive and in conventional methods there is an intrinsic latency in architecture. This token aims to resolve latency by fragmenting the data into really small pieces (bytes), maintaining their identity and then distributing them through the host of devices (mobile, desktop, etc). Anyone can contribute to the network. For more info: Raven Protocol



✅Ravencoin (RVN) = Ravencoin is a (open source) fork of Bitcoin with several modifications. Meanwhile, tokens can represent real assets, securities and commodities. RVN are 21 billion (and not 21 million) and the halving occurs every 4 years. The X16R algorithm is different from those of other blockchains which have sought ASIC-resistance because it disrupts the ordering of hashing algorithms according to the hash of the previous block in the blockchain.
The platform enables the creation of tokens, and all tokens have unique names and can represent many assets.
According to the project's white paper, Ravencoin will include a mechanism through which token issuers can communicate with token holders and hold votes in the future. For more: Ravencoin



✅Spendcoin (SPND) = Spend includes the Spend app and Spend Card. These are derivatives of, which aims to provide users with a multi-currency digital wallet for buying, selling, managing and exchanging digital assets. The Spend app is available on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
The Spend Card is a Visa card that allows users to spend funds loaded into the Spend Wallet via the app in over 40 million locations that accept Visa. The Spend rewards system is powered by Spendcoins, created by the Spend Foundation.
Spendcoins can also be redeemed for gift vouchers, discounts, subscriptions or spent on fiat in over 40 million locations worldwide. Spendcoin will be the native currency on Spendchain, a blockchain of high-speed interoperable payments that will be used to protect the network and process transactions. For more info:



✅TomoChain (TOMO) =  is an ecosystem of products that allow the development of high-performance blockchain projects. A series of features and protocols to support speed, privacy, usability and liquidity needs in a single platform.
Speed: 2000 TPS, payment commission with any token, privacy (double validation and randomization), luanch to DEX in a few minutes. For more info: Tomochain



✅Top Network (TOP) = TOP network prides itself on being several years ahead of Ethereum.
In their ecosystem there is an innovative two-layer sharding to help achieve throughputs exceeding 10,000 TPS. Another feature is friendly token economic model for both users and developers. Easily implementable, turnkey solution for developers. For more info: Top Network




✅Verasity (VRA) = it is a blockchain based on publishers and games. Video gaming content are monetized by Verasity Ad Stack and Proof of View (PoV), in both Crypto and Fiat.
Enables Tokenized Rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within the video player VeraWallet. For more info: Verasity




To buy these tokens: Trust Wallet-Binance (Download)

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