All Ways To Produce Wealth On Upland

Upland is a blockchain game available via browser, Apple and Android. In this metaverse it is possible to buy plots of land and build houses and buildings by earning UPX (game currency), by reselling and renting land and infrastructure (they are all NFT!). The main goal of the game is to acquire properties, resell them at a higher price and accumulate wealth!
All the zones that can be purchased on the map represent the real world. Lands in blue are already bought by other players, while those in green have been put up for sale. The gray pixels are unminted and not for sale lands. You can read:
1) Owner
2) UPX Price
3) Property Size

To purchase you must have at least 10,000 UPX and before this threshold you have the qualification of simple "visitors". You quickly reach 10,000 UPX but be careful because in the Visitor status if you do not log in for 7 days you will lose all the progress and the money acquired. From the 10,000 UPXs, on the other hand, you get the virtual citizenship of Upland and it is no longer necessary to click the weekly visa. If you want to accelerate and go to the "Uploader" status you can immediately buy 10,000 UPX (10 €).
The free plots that can be purchased by new players instead have the acronym FSA which stands for Fair Start Act. Over 100,000 UPX, however, FSA properties can no longer be purchased. When you select a property you can choose to buy, sell, place our avatar in the area, search for the clue to a treasure or open the Street View to see the photo of the property.
When you gain Uplander citizenship, an account (wallet) is created for us on the EOS blockchain and given the private keys.


To become the owner of an FSA lot, your explorer must be nearby. For this reason, it can be sent to the area by clicking on a neighboring property already purchased, by clicking on Send and paying the fee for the passage to the private property.
If you buy some land, you will already have a monthly income. One way to increase your finances is to complete missions, called Collections. For the first mission it is enough to acquire land on Upland, for the second 3 plots in the same street, for the third 5 properties in the same city, etc. Then there are other missions to be carried out in different cities: San Francisco, New York boroughs, Chicago, Cleveland, etc.

What opportunities is the game offering?
1) Earn bonus UPX by inviting friends (50% Bonus on purchased UPXs). Upon registration, an additional 6000 UPX will also be given away (around € 6): Upland (Signing Up Bonus)
2) Bonus for daily logins
3) Purchase and resale of Land (I recommend starting from less expensive cities)
4) The land generates an annual income of about 14/15%
5) Purchase and resale of real estate. You can analyze unsold properties, daily sales volumes, etc on this website:
6) Completion of missions (collections, challenges and treasure hunt). It is possible to earn UPX and Spark (which is used to build buildings)
7) It is also possible to rent your properties for events
8) Enter their discord because you will find available many users who could help you: Discord
9) Collect and trade assets on secondary markets (e.g. Atomic Hub Wax)  



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