Digital art_2021. Crocus

Digital art_2021. Crocus

Hi friendfs!

I decided that in the previous drawing lessons in Realistic Paint Studio, far from all of its impressive resources were revealed, so it is worth continuing to experiment with digging into the bowels of the program.

Today it will be an imitation of writing with oil paints using a palette knife.
In reality, such paintings look very picturesque, attract attention with their, at first glance, chaotic, "uncombed" strokes.
Well, a tryout of work with a reference and mixer palette ...

Ready artwork

So, I open the program and go to the folder with my projects

Choose a folder

There will be oil painting again today

Choose a art style

Choosing a neutral canvas color

Choose a canvas

And size - by touching this button (it simply rotates the selected canvas clockwise and displays the resulting parameters)

Choose a size

Yes, let's get started

Start to work

And first, let's add a reference layer to our work.
I found such a gorgeous crocus on Pinterest

In the layers palette, click on the gear icon

Set button

and from the drop-down list I select the line "Add reference layer"

Add a reference

When you load a photo into the program, a Сaliper tool immediately appears - a tool responsible for resizing the image

a Сaliper tool

Since my canvas is large, and the photo from the Internet is small, I change a size so that it is convenient to work with it - I just pull the stylus ona corner markers.
And I click OK


This time, I decided to try, as in traditional painting, to do everything on one layer - both the imprimatura and the drawing of the main object.
Therefore, the sketch began to be done with a brush, the thinnest - Fine Round Brush

Fine Round Brush

Like that.


Along the way, I tried different brushes, how they mix paint.
I settled on Dirty Flat Brush for the initial brush strokes on the canvas.

Dirty Flat Brush

And in order to find the right shades (unfortunately, the sample is not taken directly from the reference), I temporarily switched from a set of paints to a palette, where you can do mixes (button at the top left, above the palette)

Select a palette

I apply chaotic strokes with a brush, according to the reference

Base colors

And then I choose a palette knife Palette knife 1026 from the toolbox, which creates a grunge texture - those very characteristic "uncombed" strokes.

Palette knife 1026 

Yes, it turns out very, very realistic!)))

Palette knife strokes

In the same way, I move the reference to another corner (by calling the box with auxiliary tools and choosing a Сaliper tool)

Replace a reference

and continue to work - first with a brush,

Brush strokes

then with a palette knife

Background with palette knife

When the background is almost ready, I take another palette knife Palette knife 1002, creating long, even strokes

Palette knife 1002

and apply some diagonal stripes for dynamics.

Ready background

Using the same palette knife, I paint the crocus, choosing colors according to the reference.


Then with a textured Dry Brush

Dry Brush

I even out a color transitions between the petals


And I'm finalizing with the same grunge palette knife Palette knife 1026
Here's my result!

Ready artwork

And presentation, of cause!
Looks like a real painting, isn't it?


And another option, more magical - I very like digital effects (added in Photoshop)!

Another variants

Thanks a lot if you visit and read my tutorial and you like my digital painting experiments!

Yave a nice day!


Cross-posr from Hive and translate from Golos

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