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Digital art_2019. Moon Ghost

Hi friends!

This idea of drawing - a return one wandering moon ghost to his home, to ghost city - came to my mind based on one art contest which was arranged by Makers Place.
Actually, the drawing was made just for the contest, but it did not work out.
The theme of the competition was "the Moon"

Ready artwork

Sure I drew without one specific reference, only looked on some different photos to real draw a see and fantasy buildings
Drawing in Paint Tool SAI 2


Choosing base colors of background and a moon

On this step I draw with Old Rough (to fill big areas)

Oil Rough

and Oil Brist 2 (to blend a different colors)

Oil Brist 2

Step 1_Background

Then I sketched a silhouettes of ghost and far coast.

Step 2_Character

Working with a moon ghost and with a city.

To draw clean lines, I use Ink Pen

Ink Pen

Details - waves, texture of Moon, outlines of buildings

Step 3_Details

Work on the folds of the cloak (with Oil Brist 2)

Step 4_Ghost

Adding more stars on the sky, highlights from city and waves (with copy and blurred a copied layer)

Step 6_Highlights

Finally, I refine individual waves and highlights on buildings.

I also paint a colored reflection of a ghost in the water.

And made a color correction and sharping in Photoshop

Ready artwork

I hope you'll enjoy my fantasy painted world!

Have a nice and creative day!


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daring-celt inspiration
daring-celt inspiration

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