How Merchants Can Integrate Blockchain And Accept Cryptocurrencies Payments?

By DareShonubi | DareShow | 31 Jul 2020

Going into a store, either online or otherwise, making payments using cryptocurrencies may seem like an impossible task for some customers.

The same thing applies to merchants, as it might seem like a tough task to some merchants, accepting crypto payments from customers.

There are however several solutions on how to integrate this service into your store. One very innovative solution is NowPayment.

What Is NowPayments?

NowPayments simply put, is a non-custodial, low-fee service that lets you accept crypto payments on your website.

The interesting thing about this service is that they have a wide range of cryptocurrencies and you can pick any coin of your choice. A total of 27 popular cryptocurrencies are offered as a form of payment. In addition, their service is totally low-fee.

NowPayment is absolutely free to use. The platform charges nothing for their service. The only cost that applies are the network costs for simply doing transactions from one wallet to the other.

Two Ways Of Integrating With NowPayment.

NowPayments operates an easy to integrate system. They concentrate majorly on creating a very simple, and easy to use system for both customers and merchants alike.

A very comfortable purchase is made possible with the NowPayment's API or with the help of a ready to use plugin connected to WooCommerce (for those not so experienced with coding)

NowPayment's API: this service enables an easy to use integration which allows you to start accepting crypto as a form of payment on your website.

It's very easy to start using NowPayment's API, just sign up on the NowPayment's website following this six simple steps:

  • sign up at NowPayment's account page;
  • activate your account via the e-mail sent to you;
  • sign in into your account and open the Dashboard Page;
  • press “Add new key”. You will get an API key, please save it;
  • enter the wallet for funds withdrawal on “Outcome wallet” page;
  • use API!.

Merchants can choose between two available forms of integration. The merchants with coding experience can in fact write their own codes to complete NowPayments integration.



Merchants without any coding experience, on the other hand, can integrate with NowPayments via an automatic plugin hosted by wooCommerce.

Automatic Plug-in With WooCommerce:

Nowpayments Plugins

this function is specifically designed for merchants who have their stores set up on Wordpress and for merchants that are not so experienced with coding.

In other to integrate this service onto your platform, all you have to do is sign up on NowPayment's website and receive an API key. Having done this, just copy the source code of the plug-in and then paste it on your website.

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