🎉Layer 2 Is Real. Dapp.com Adds Matic Tracking

🎉Layer 2 Is Real. Dapp.com Adds Matic Tracking

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 11 Nov 2020


We are thrilled to announce that Dapp.com has officially added Matic Ecosystem to our platform as the 18th blockchain we supportOver 30 dapps who are already live on the mainnet could be discovered in the Matic Dapp ListAdditional integration between Dapp.com and Matic will be done to further facilitate Matic’s ecosystem in the next stage. 


We are excited to see the growth of Matic and the huge impact it is bringing to the blockchain space - not just yet another layer 2 scaling solution,  it is merging seamlessly with Ethereum as an ecosystem



Infrastructure Built Ready For Layer 2 Onboarding


6 months after its mainnet goes live, Matic has nearly 150,000 wallets created. To compare, Polkadot has less than 50,000 mainnet wallet address almost 4 months after the mainnet launch, according to Subscan. And Loom, another Ethereum Layer 2 chain, has less than 40,000 mainnet address 2 years after it’s launch. 




This is a significant achievement for a new mainnet, and it is all due to Matic’s smooth onboarding infrastructure. Which includes:

  • Ethereum wallet compatible. Almost every Ethereum wallet could easily add Matic support with a small setting within seconds, just like when you do it for Binance Smart Chain. 

  • Close-to-Zero Gas fee and high-speed. If you want to borrow on Compound it would take up to hundreds of dollars for a gas fee on the Ethereum mainnet. And it takes about 3 seconds and cost 0.00002 MATIC, which is less than $0.000001 USD to complete a loan. 

  • Assets are not isolated from Ethereum, made possible by the bridging protocol. (See below)



Swap Ethereum Assets Powered by POS Bridge


Some stats about the most-used stablecoins on smart contract platforms: 


Tether (USDT): Omni, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Liquid, Algorand, Solona, Matic

USDC: Ethereum, Algorand, Solona, Matic

Dai: Ethereum, Matic

BUSD: Ethereum, Binance Chain, Matic


This is all powered by POS Bridge and Plasma Bridge. It takes less than 10 mins to move your assets, including Fungible Tokens (eg. Ether, USDC, DAI etc.) and NFTs (Both ERC-721 and ERC-1155) to the Matic network and you only need to pay a tx fee on Ethereum. 





Try Ethereum DeFi, Games, DEX and others on Layer 2


  • DeFi Lending & Yield Farming

EasyFi, the Compound on Matic, where you could borrow or lend USDT, DAI, and USDC and earn $EASY at the same time. You could claim free $Matic on EasyFi for the gas fee when you deposit any of these stabecoins. The interest rate for borrowing is very low and gas is almost free. Get yourself some $EASY (listed on Binance) through providing liquidity before the liquidity runs out! 



  • Dex

QuickSwap, a Matic version of Uniswap V1 DEX which you could earn from being a liquidity provider. Again, thanks to POS Bridge and the scalability of Matic, you could swap all major ERC-20 token such as MANAKNC and earn its governance token $QUICK at the same time - within seconds, and super low fee



  • Games and NFTs

Matic has gain really strong support from early Ethereum builders including Blockchain Cuties Universe, 0xUniverse, Marble Cards etc and there are more new games being built. 


(Synerg of Serra)


Did we talk about having the core assets in Layer 1 and move the actions to Layer 2 in 2018? 


Why don’t we do both on Layer 2! Matic Dapp List




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