🚀 6 Days Since Launch, This Dex Aggregator Ranked No.9 Among All BSC DEX

🚀 6 Days Since Launch, This Dex Aggregator Ranked No.9 Among All BSC DEX

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 8 Apr 2021


On 1st Apr, Autofarm team launched its decentralized exchange (Dex) aggregator AutoSwap on Binance Smart Chain


To kick-off the launch of this Dex aggregator, it has integrated 3 popular DEXes available on BSC: PancakeSwapBakerySwap and JulSwap. They all rank in the top 5 BSC Dex in March.


With the integration, it allows users to find the best prices and swap rates (with the lowest slippage) when making swaps in DeFi. This is achieved by splitting users’ trades into different routes across the different exchanges based on the available liquidity on each Dex.


For example, if you want to swap 1 $BNB to $CAKE, you can just select the tokens and enter the amount.


The best routing calculated by AutoSwap is to swap 32.5% in PancakeSwap and 67.5% in BakerySwap. The best routing might change in real-time, as the price is fluctuating. And you can complete the process with one click, no need to do it by yourself in the different exchanges.


How’s Autofarm’s performance so far? Check the Dex Trading Volume on Autofarm detail page.


Autofarm’s 24h Dex Trading Volume increased by 30.58% in 24h. The daily Dex Trading Volume ATH is $1,502,500.717 on 2nd Apr, which could rank No.9 in all BSC exchanges. 


The Unique Trader Amount and Trade Counts also hit ATH on 2nd Apr. In total 310 Traders completed 486 trades on that day.


8 Advanced dashboards of Autofarm are available for traders to use. We wanna introduce 2 key dashboards to you for your trading analysis. 


  1. Vault Fees Earn

Vault fees earned are used for $AUTO burnt. So basically, the larger amount of vault fees earned, the larger amount of $AUTO will be burnt, hence, the price will go up.


The total vault fee earned for the past 3 months is $1.5M, which means Autofarm has spent $1.5M to support its $AUTO price so far.



  1. $AUTO Burnt Amount


The daily burnt amount of $AUTO. So far, the total $AUTO burnt amount is 511 $AUTO. Daily burnt amount is about 13 to support the $AUTO price.



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