By Rekt | DAO | 10 Sep 2021

For those that are well-versed on Curve Finance, you already know that they have one of the largest platforms for DeFi staking. They are also utilizing EVM sidechains effectively to grow more TVL. 

What has been interesting is the growth of communities around the Curve ecosystem that seek to nurture this growth. 

There are a number of reasons why a DAO may surround a project, mostly to unify like-minded blockchain enthusiast around some core beliefs. 


It also is powerful to be part of a community that may, in the future, have its own token, affording substantial airdrops for early community members a la Uniswap, PoolTogether, Badger DAO, and so many others.

Today we're looking at veCRV DAO.

veCRV stands for voting escrow CRV.

One needs 2500 veCRV to create a Curve DAO proposal so it's in the best interest of minnows to band together to balance the power of whales.

Several months ago Curve starting placing a particular emphasis on locking veCRV and giving it a disproportionate weight relative to LP tokens staked. The current equivalency is $1 locked in a 4-year CRV contract amounting to the same earnings as $19.60 in an LP.


Does Curve have a lot staked in various pools? Yes: 12.5 Billion just on the Ethereum mainnet.


DAO Principals 3 Core Collective Aims   1) Grow Our veCRV Holdings

It's only through the growth of our collective veCRV holdings that we can positively exact change as part of the Curve DAO. A unified effort to do good helps nurture the longevity of Curve and, by extension, us.

2) Trumpet the Project: Visibility of Credibility

By being vocal with our support for Curve--through commentary, memes, conversation, podcast interviews, DAO discussions, and overall crafting core crypto content--we stand a higher probability of growing as a DAO in terms of numbers and total value locked.

3) Here for the Tech

If you go to local Bitcoin meet-ups, you can experience that the least interesting members of a community are those that are looking to squeeze a quick 100x. The most interesting are passionate technophiles that are showing-up for the tech and are on fire for the possibilities that blockchain can materialize for the good of the community and societies at large.



How to Get Involved

If you're on BitClout go to our BitClout profile: veCRV.

If you're on Twitter, you can DM them at @CRVDAO


If you're on BitClout, those who hold the $veCRV community coin will have a representative share of their own BitClout community coin be purchased weekly, with each veCRV and Curve LP earnings distribution being in proportion to one's share of the $veCRV coin.

100% of the veCRV and Curve LP earnings will be distributed in the form of community coin purchasing of users.


@veCRV will hold community tokens of the holders of $veCRV for perpetuity, creating the conditions for the growth of one's own community token and limiting the supply. 

If you have any questions feel free to DM the core team at @CRVDAO


If you have any DAOs you would like profiled mention their name in the comments below!


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