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I dedicate this post a great artist who born couple centuries ago. ITs comes to be the best production in art industry whille we people think about the digital industry. Past man rely on this,lets look inside-->> will this catch your mind


Mona Lisa – Mystery unraveled!

Leonardo Da Vinci :(1452-1519)

              Many no of arts by the greatest artist who lived about 500 years ago had left an indelible mark in paintings. The worldwide popular is the Mona Lisa, the one that remains enduring and endearing painting even after 500 years now!

              The radiant but casual and natural smile of the portrait, Mona Lisa is a pride possession to its owner, though majority of them are not original. It was drawn by a versatile,  Da Vinci

              Mr Vinceti, who has travelled to Paris to examine the painting in the Louvre gallery where it is on display, explained that in true Dan Brown style they were put onto the mystery after fellow committee member Luigi Borgia discovered a musty book in an antique shop.

                    The 50 year old volume describes how the Mona Lisa’s eyes are full of various signs and symbols and he added: “We are only at the start of this investigation and we hope to be able to dig deeper into this mystery and reveal further details as soon as possible.

                  “It’s remarkable that no-one has noticed these symbols before and from the preliminary investigations we have carried out we are confident they are not a mistake and were put there by the artist.”They want to see if the artist’s skull is there so that they can try and recreate his face and establish if the Mona Lisa is a self portrait of the artist, as many people believe.

                Some historians believe that Da Vinci was homosexual and that his love of riddles led him to paint himself as a woman.

Another theory is that the Mona Lisa is Lisa Gheradini, the wife of Florence merchant – or possibly even the artist’s mother.We also know that Da Vinci was very esoteric and used symbols in his work to give out messages and we have examined other paintings and have not found any similar numbers or letters.

                Painters we have spoken to have also said they are unlikely to have been put there by mistake so we are confident that they are a message from Da Vinci and were specifically inserted into the eyes by him.

               What adds to the intrigue is that they are in the pupils, the darkest part of the eyes, so they would only be none by him – if he had wanted them to be more widely seen then he would have put them into the more visible white parts of the eyes.

              Mona Lisa was his masterpiece. What is so unique about it is that, he had employed some technique at the background of Mona Lisa which he called, “zoo code!”. But what are they no one could find. A news report on Dec.8,2011 said an America-based amateur oil painter, Ron Piccirillo had decoded it.

              He developed a passion for decoding the Da Vinci Code, ”zoo!” This painter carefully studied the message set by Da Vinci. As he was turning the portrait in his hand, he was amazed to see some animals dotted here and there. Triggered by curiosity, he held the portrait under the light and slightly tilted it.

             At 45 degree angle, he found out  lion, an ape and a buffalo on either side of portrait. In addition, he also saw something like a snake just behind it. And he found that the small bridge was made up of some alien coding but no proof existed till!!!


Its the first post, so I begun with my passion. From Next post we start with CRYPTO ADVENTURE, bye guys!!! 

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