My first day of $SUN mining : some data and numbers!

My first day of $SUN mining : some data and numbers!

By DaniBom | danibom | 18 Sep 2020

On September 16 the $SUN genesis mining ended and the "regular" mining started on, with 3 pool launched (SUN/TRX, JST/TRX and USDT/TRX) plus the opportunity to stake $TRX to farm $SUN.

The first 14 days of the $SUN mining will be the most profitable (after the genesis mining) and then rewards will slowly decrease over time.

"SUN will adopt a complete community-led self-governance approach and will be managed by all SUN holders through voting. Token holders have voices on matters such as establishing new mining pools, including TRC10/20 tokens into the community observation list, and decide winners for SUN pools etc. SUN will become a portal for TRON’s DeFi ecosystem, and the decisions made by the SUN community will have a major effect on TRON’s future development."

So here are my numbers.

I put 10000 $TRX in genesis mining and I got 2.51 $SUN out of it in 2 weeks (about 60$ at the moment).

Then I moved that 10000 $TRX to the official pool (one click, flawless) and in the first 24 hours i got 0.02 $SUN (equivalent to around 18 TRX) with a 80% APY.

I never did liquidity mining so i started with 0.5 SUN (and 420 TRX) and i got in the first day 0.0018 $SUN (about 15 TRX) with an APY that is now at 770%



To add liquidity you need to use justswap, but it's all very quick and redirected directly from the page. I used tronlink chrome extension for all this and paid 0 FEES as I have some energy saved from freezing about 2000 TRX (around 200000 energy use for all, that's more or less 2 TRX fee if you don't have any energy).

Here is the mining velocity and rewards!



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