Boosting is live in the SMOL farm!

Boosting is live in the SMOL farm!

By DaniBom | danibom | 29 Nov 2020

The first major upgrade since the launch of the $SMOL farm is live and the process was flawless!

Now it's possible to boost your TING farming by 20% by staking your Copper coin (for SMOL stake) and your Neon coin (for SMOL/ETH LP staking). 168 Neon and 374 Copper coins were minted in the genesis phase, but if you don't have them already you can buy them on Opensea (the first copper was traded yesterday for 0.37 $ETH) and boost your farming to get genesis NFTs faster.

The process is really easy and straightforward: stake your $SMOL (and/or the LP if you're providing liquidity), go to my deck, click on approve all NFTs (needed only once) and then click on "stake" under the Copper or Neon Coin.


Out of the 9 rare genesis cards, two sold out: Doomy and Torchy. Sparky is close to getting sold out with only 36 left at the time of writing this article. As the boosters are active, these NFTs could sell out faster than earlier. All the "common" variants of the genesis set are still available.

In the next planned upgrade, NFTs staking will launch, giving you extra TING and a bonus if you own and stake a complete set.



This is just the beginning for $SMOL, the smoltidel keep growing and adding important and connected people to the team, all building a new and exciting ecosystem. If you want to join the smoltidel, own 100 $SMOL or provide liquidity on the ETH/SMOL pair on Uniswap. 

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