“VIG token, a gift from Vigor Protocol to the world …of DeFi” EOS EOSIO

“VIG token, a gift from Vigor Protocol to the world …of DeFi” EOS EOSIO

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In a world driving in the middle of one of the biggest crypto-bull-runs in history, everyone is scrambling to find a DeFi small cap to make them change their lives. On Ethereum fees have become unsustainable and the market crowded, for this reason many have begun to look around for DeFi bargains on other networks: on Binance Smart Chain, on Waves and even on Polkadot.

However, none of these networks offer EOS advanced features like speed, simplicity and zero fees. In this very favorable and potentially fertile environment, many high quality DeFi products have blossomed such as Defibox, Organix, DFS and others. The one that stands out most among the others, with more than 2 years of development, is certainly Vigor Protocol.

Vigor Protocol is a crypto borrow and rewards community powered by the open sourced EOSIO blockchain software. There was no ICO or VC Funding or Angel Funding. Vigor is managed by the Vigor DAC, a freely accessible Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) of daily elected 21 Custodian and 100+ candidates that oversees and contributes to the development and maintenance of the completely independent VIGOR Protocol, the smart contracts that power VIGOR.

VIG is the name of the utility/fee/reward-token that powers the VIGOR Protocol, VIG is required for borrowers to use the system and acts as the fee utility token. Automated smart contracts ensure 20% of the fees act in a deflationary way by contributing to the final reserve. The other 80% is rewarded to users with collateral in the lending and savings pools.

VIG is also a governance token utilized as a staking mechanism to become a candidate in the DAC, i encourage all members to rise above the status of user and become a builder. Join the https://dac.vigor.ai

VIG token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 VIG. The supply is fixed, with no inflation rate, and all 1,000,000,000 VIG tokens have been minted.

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The initial distribution of the token when project started had this ratio:

  • 8% eosDAC Community: in appreciation for the use of their software
  • 92% DAC and Developer Rewards: for research, engineering, deployment, business development, community building, distribution, staking resources, and long-term network governance.
  • Subsequently the free market helped to distribute the tokens to users in the current proportions:

Image for post https://bloks.io/tokens/VIG-eos-vig111111111

  • VIGs in dacholding11 are not in circulation but locked under multisig control and managed by the DAC. Vigor Custodians and candidates are rewarded from the Vigor DAC corpus. Their Rewards may be reduced over time as decided by future Custodians.
  • Currently there are 300,169,672 VIGs in the Vigor Lending Pool


No other relevant tokenomic changes except for the “exit-gift” (which is the opposite of an exit-scam) made by one of Vigor’s main developers: on 31 October 2020 EOS account stablequan11 burned 61,602,427.1352 VIG (6.2% of the supply) sending them to eosio.null. I do not know of any other case where literally someone gave years of their life to a project to give it to the community and walk away with nothing.

Vision, dedication, transparency and coding-heroism, this is Vigor! This is the VIG token!

Now that you have an idea of how the VIG token was born, try to compare it with the DeFi tokens of Ethereum and draw your conclusions.

How to buy VIG?





Alcor Exchange

AEX exchange

Token Info:

Contract address

Token Holders

Blockchain: EOSIO





Vigor DAC

Vigor App

Vigor Stats

Vigor Documentation

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Dan Emmailoveyou
Dan Emmailoveyou

Hello, I’m from Italy cryptos & blockchain support, love #EOSIO

DAN Emmailoveyou
DAN Emmailoveyou

Hello, I’m from Italy cryptos & blockchain support. I will help blockchain community develop, progress and succeed. “Dont be a dick, be a dude”

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