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  • Ben Moody (a co-founder of Evanescence along with Amy Lee, but Ben left the band in October 2003) wrote the lyrics and the piano part for this song. It was one of Evanescence's first tracks; they recorded it for their first EP in 1998, but decided to remove it as a last-minute change. Lee and keyboard player David Hodges are the other credited writers.
  • The lyrics are totally fictional, according to Ben Moody. They evoke a spirit, but he insists the song has nothing to do with God or religion. Moody was still in high school when he wrote the lyric.
  • Several different versions of this song have appeared. The original is an outtake from the 1998 Evanescence EP with Lee's voice and a simplified piano. In 2000, it was included on Origin, a collection of songs the group put together to use as a demo. This version has more advanced piano, background vocals by David Hodges, and some production effects. The song appeared in different forms on other samplers and demos the group issued leading up to Fallen, and when it was issued as a single, various versions were used for different releases.
  • David Mould, whose credits include Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy" and John Newman's "Cheating," directed the video. It was shot before Ben Moody left the band, so he plays a starring role. Shot in Barcelona, Amy Lee is scene walking on the edge of a fountain, but he never see her feet on the ground, indicating she is a spirit of some kind.
  • Amy Lee can probably relate to most of the lyrics as her three-years-younger sister Bonnie tragically died when she was younger.
  • Terry Balsamo, former guitarist of the band Cold, replaced Ben Moody on guitar for this album. Moody went on to work with Avril Lavigne.
  • Before it was released on the album Fallen, this song was used in a funeral scene in the movie Daredevil. The Evanescence song "Bring Me To Life" was also used in the film.

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Daily Song Facts
Daily Song Facts

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