pomp vs bitboy crypto

🥊Pomp VS BitBoy Crypto Fight 🥊: Bring your popcorn 🍿

Hello HODLers and viewers,

I just watched an absolute boxing fight between Pomp and BitBoy crypto!

They basically went at each other and calling each other crazy "forecasts", it got very heated and I must say I feel good and bad about it.


Since I discovered Bitboy Crypto, I never liked him as I felt his videos were truly pump and dump videos with very low content inside of it.

I used to enjoy Pomp's show but mostly because of its guests not because of his insights. But lately, I felt he knew less about his guests and started bringing his brothers and wife to help with the show and I felt it got less qualitative.


The Fight ! (from 12:40)




This is how it started (a day before)



My take

I feel good because this will expose these 2 content creators and make people realize that:

  • they don't know more than anyone else
  • they use clickbait to get you to watch their videos, so don't fall for it

On the other hand, I feel bad because it does not give a good light on the Crypto space but I guess we have to face it, a lot of these influencers have to be called out.

Finally, if you are looking for a good podcast: Coindesk's one with Nathaniel Whittemore is probably my favorite.

Very intelligent and measured takes and always looking at the big picture and structural shifts. Kudos to you nlw !

Here is his twitter if you want to check it out:

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