Simplest way to earn rewards

Simplest way to earn rewards

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 5 Apr 2020

Staking and fixed or flexible deposit functions are fonctions proposed by different exchange platform. You can be rewarded simply by keeping your crypto in your wallet. I test since few days different solutions with an initial wallet of $100.


Binance platform :

Binance is an exchange based in China which has been very popular in the crypto-currency market for several years through the development of its own crypto, the BNB, and its very low transaction fees which can be reduced if you choose to pay your fees in BNB.  

Binance's interface is really complete but requires a confirmed level of use of trading platforms. The strength of Binance is the very high number of crypto supported on the platform.  

Another original feature of Binance is that you can group and convert all your crypto dust that is sitting on your portfolio into BNB because there is no minimum transfer.  

We will see today the Staking and Flexible and Fixed deposit functionalities offered by the platform.  


Staking :


About ten crypto are available with very interesting rates of pay for some of them. Staking is very simple, it consists in keeping a quantity of one crypto on your wallet.

A capture of the balance is made every day at a fixed time. Then if you meet the conditions of staking correctly, you will be remunerated at the percentage defined in the conditions. You keep your crypto on your wallet and it remains available at any time.  

I chose to keep EOS, the rate is less attractive than other less known crypto but I have some at my disposal. We will find out within 30 days how much it will bring me with a departure of about 27 EOS.  


Lending :


This is a deposit that you make at Binance and is remunerated at a higher rate. Your crypto-money is then blocked or taken out of your wallet and, depending on the type of loan, is recoverable instantly or after a defined period of time between 7 and 90 days.  

For this type of function, the remuneration is credited every day to your portfolio and you will see your interests rise little by little.  


I started with a fexible deposit which allows me to have my funds available and I was able to test the reimbursement request which is indeed instantaneous. So I chose the 10 ETC deposit with a rate of interest between 2.07%. After 2 days, you can already see the interest accumulating on the main portfolio.  


I would also do a balance sheet after 30 days of using this Binance functionality.   Beware of the site offering abnormally high rates which are often Ponzy or Scam Pyramids. Prefer serious and reputable trading sites and check the user's opinion before paying any token. A site less than a year old is always dubious.  

Have you already tested these features on other sites?  

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