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Stocks continue to bleed, while Bitcoin remains unaffected

By Cyberblock | cyberblock | 16 Mar 2020


I can't believe my eyes right now, the stock market continues to bleed despite the announcement for a massive 1.5 trillion dollar and a cut in interest rates to near 0. There seems to be nothing that can stop this market from collapsing now, not even drastic measures taken by Trump and the Fed.



Bitcoin however, seems to be completely unaffected by today's stock market plunge. Could this be the signal that we have been looking for? This could mean that Bitcoin has found a true bottom and if that stands true, investors could start pouring in to bitcoin as a hedge.






There are so many factors that would suggest that the stock market will continue down, I can't think of any reasons for it to go up at this point.

Coronavirus is just starting and the worst is yet to come

People have stopped spending money which can slow it's velocity and liquidity

Businesses, schools and governments are shutting down.

Workers are about to get laid off and businesses will start to default on mortgages

Individuals are already 1 or 2 payments away from insolvency, if they lose their job or get laid off, they will have to default on mortgage payments.

The real questions is, how much are governments around the world going to need to print to prevent a complete economic collapse? 5 trillion? 10 Trillion? 20 Trillion?

Just imagine what the long term consequences are for printing that much money overnight. Most of this money will go directly to the financial markets making rich people who own all the assets even richer. Meanwhile everyone else gets nothing, this is the true cause for the wealth gap that most people don't quite understand.

This all leads us back to why Bitcoin was created in the first place. Bitcoin was created as a solution to exactly what is happening right now. A debt based system that needs an ever increasing amount of stimulous or it crashes, an unsustainable ponzi scheme that inflates the assets owned only by the rich. Everything is playing out exactly as satoshi predicted.

So don't let the short term price action scare you, Bitcoin is on coarse to do exactly what it was built for.


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