finX - BNTX v IBB, ETH, BTC in context of COVID-19💉

By artum-x | Custom finX | 10 Nov 2020

$BNTX is moving so rapidly up, that I was forced to do deeper analysis on it.
1st, to compare its chart with ETHUSD, BTHUSD
2nd, to place BNTX, IBB into Y!F My Portfolio
Let's bring YTD chart with BTNX, IBB, ETHUSD, BTCUSD in it:




You may create the same chart for yourself on Y!F to follow the magic happening in front of our eyes.
At the start of COVID-19, BNTX went sharply up with the obvious expectations for a vaccine.
Cc, in contrast, went down. Now both go up, but I doubt if there is any relationship between the stimulus in corresponding markets.
Anyway, it's interesting to observe and compare the happenings.
2nd, I entered the BNTX, IBB values into Y!F My Portfolio for pair trading, we'll see next week 'what will it cook'.


If you want it Right Now, go to Y!F My Portfolio and enter BNTX, IPP or your fav. stocks & ETFs.
Use Historical Data if needed.
As always, YouTube videos are a great source of learning things such as How To start Y!F My Portfolio.


Stay safe, be profitable.


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I develop custom finXs - financial indices on Y!F My Platform, spreadsheets & in my dreams, subconsciously when I sleep😴 With Fed & major Central banks taking on CBDC & all cryptocurrency advances, finXs is a playground 4 everyone. Former NCTM member😍

Custom finX
Custom finX

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