5 things to get you hyped for the 2023 MET GALA

By inmybones | Current INFO (NEWS) | 2 May 2023


The 2023 MET Gala is here and here are some things we've been looking forward to.


MET Gala 2023 Looks

  • Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel, Penelope Cruz, and Roger Federer will serve as the official hosts of the event.




Karl Lagerfeld at his office at Maison Chloe, 1972 Stock Photo - Alamy




  • According to Vogue, The MET Gala's accompanying exhibition will honour the Late Designer, Karl Lagerfeld, and will showcase over 150 of his original looks.


  • MET Gala tickets cost approximately $30,000 a piece while securing a table costs around $275,000.


  • Emma Chamberlain is set to return as Vogue's Special Correspondent.




Emma Chamberlain 2023 MET Gala


  • As of 2015, the Gala exercises a strict "No Selfie Rule", although, it has been broken on a few occasions.




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Current INFO (NEWS)
Current INFO (NEWS)

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