Cryptocurrencies lost $ 25 billion in total.


Many cryptocurrencies have lost value in the last 24 hours after cryptocurrencies, which have been constantly increasing except for the last few days.

Of these, Bitcoin fell more than 10%.

Looking at the decline of all cryptocurrencies, the total loss was more than $ 25 billion.

Most cryptocurrencies had to close their losses with this week's gains.

A few days ago, Bitcoin was worth $ 10,000, but now it has dropped to $ 8000, with lost values.
Josh Rager, an analyst, said that Bitcoin would increase, but also predicted that it could fall.

The main surprise was that Bitcoin lost around $ 1000 in 30 minutes.
Even Crypto money investors were surprised.

Another investors said that these declines are only for now and will go up to $ 14,000 before this year ends.
They said. Of course these will only show us what time you guess.

I hope everyone wins.

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Current accurate cyrptocurrrency news

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