A new way of Gambling

By knohen | Cryyptonerd | 17 Jan 2020

Hey guys, today I will explain a new and interesting way of gambling! With cryptocurrencies of course. No this is not something like a slot machine or some kind of lottery.


Attention! The pot contains only 310,030.730728 TRX (5,018.273 USD (@ USD 0.016 /TRX)) (25.01.2020)

At this point I only got 1114 TRX back, when I invested ~4000 TRX, in my case it wasn't worth it!



I am talking about Beehives! Although the Ethereum Beehives game is already over, the Tron beehives game is still running strong with 1,287,197.710728 TRX still inside the pot.


Smart contract Pot


In this types of games you simulate a whole economy, in this case bees. At the start you can just enjoy picking up free airdrops every day! An airdrop will generate you 100 wax a day and the first bee costs 1500 wax. Great so after 15 days you can start earning more wax and the most important thing honey. You can start selling 25 honey for 1 TRX token as soon as you got enough honey!




The best feature about this game is that it runs as long as there are TRX tokens inside the smart contract pot, needless to say it’s best to start investing early when the pot is still big enough, as you can create huge profits.

You can even buy bees to start producing even more honey and wax. Or invite friends to play with you to get some extra wax.




Here is the Security Audit of Beehives if you want to check it out.


To play the game you just need the TronLink wallet and a compatible browser like Netbox,Brave or Google Chrome.


Here is proof of withdrawal and earnings.

Current value

As you can see I currently have 161 honey and 876,33 TRX, click the Withdrawal button to withdraw your TRX.



Enter a number which can be divided by 25 and is in your balance, in my case I sell 150 honey for 6 TRX.

Smart contract

Accept the smart contract to receive your TRX, keep an eye on your tronlink wallet Energy (5000/5000),

if your Energy reaches 0 you burn TRX for using smart contracts, selling honey costs around 1200 Energy.

Earned TRX

As you can see I have 881,878 TRX now. 

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I started trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer.


I started investing in BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer. twitter:

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