By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 6 Apr 2019

Those following my posts will remember one of my required criteria for purchasing a coin - actually, trading one coin (BTC) for the other - the coin must have a solid "use case".

Another of my posts regards doing your 'Due Diligence'.

There is no doubt in my mind that $HYDRO is a coin to HODL.

If you love Music, either listening or creating, you may want to take a look at $MUSIC.

Let's start with 'What is Musicoin'? A very nice summary can be viewed on Coinswitch.

Basically, it's a blockchain way of decentralizing the current way music is "owned". You know how companies like Sony, RCA, and even iTones, and those types take a cut, if not most, of the profits that musciians make!

$MUSIC levels the playing field by cutting out the middle man.


All I know is, just like $HYDRO, I liked what I seen in $MUSIC!


Interesting facts from an old brain
1) Publish0x is rewarding $HYDRO
2) I read the "Read More" in full
3) I have over 20 years in just the Computer Science field
4) I bought $HYDRO before and without knowing what Publish0x was up to
5) I also bought Musicoin ($MUSIC) along with the $HYDRO

Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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