Let's Make A Deal!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 5 Jun 2019

I love going around the internet finding new Crypto-related stuff, as I know all my fellow Crypto-Nutz do!

So, I'd like to make a "deal" with you all.


I'm going to show you two VERY KOOL new sites - no affiliate links and it's not a faucet - and in exchange you go play some games for a day or two.


It really is that simple and once you read further you will decide this is a very fair "trade"/"deal".


The two sites I list below are where you can hone your Crypto Trading Skills in a virtual Trade Environment. And the reason you will want to make this "deal" with me is because, though it's a virtual trading environment - you can win REAL CASH!

One site gives you $10,000 to build your portfolio and the other gives you $20,000. Then, you enter their weekly contests - FOR FREE ! 

What a great way to hone and practice your Crypto Trading skill AND at the same time be keeping an eye on the real Crypto Market. You can view the other contestents portfolios, too! 

What a great way to not only WIN REAL CASH but to see what other people "know"!




I'd like you to signup for Rollercoin and play for a few days. It's a simulated Crypto-Mining game that pays in BTC. I've already taken out 4 withdraws. The games are simple, retro-style games that last between 30 and 60 seconds per game. The games start slow - but trust me, they speed up! Increase the difficulty level and it increased the amount of hashing power per game!


And Rollercoin PAYS!



Great! Thanks for doing your part! 


Now, here's the two sites with some screen shots!


Thanks Again All! Good Luck Trading!















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