If I don't win, nothing changed. If I do win, not a lot changed.

If I don't win, nothing changed. If I do win, not a lot changed.

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 13 Mar 2019

Way I see it is ... 


If I told you that you had 6 chances every hour to win up to $300 - would you?

What if every turn wins at least a little something and you can let that build up or try your hand at some games to increase your winnings?


Since you have to watch commercials why not ignore the adverts and use your 6 free chances to win $$$ - every hour if you want!

Otherwise all you get are ads thrown at you and not one cent in your pocket.



All free! Always!


I'm only up $75 over the past two months. Biggest win was $20.

All of that now in AltCoins. 

I've only been to a real Casino twice in my life.

Once with my wife when we were 18.

The second time with my daughter when she was 13.

Wife wasn't allowed in! No ID! LOL

Daughter allowed in 13 years later - though illegal for her to play.

The point is - you never know how things will play out until you try.

I have these 6 bookmarked and stay logged in so, when I get back to my desk, I take my 6 chances. If I don't win, nothing changed. If I do win, not a lot changed but I'm $200-$300 richer.

The link to these 6 bookmarked is to another of my posts that has your chances at winning real $$$ listed.

Comment to know more about me.

Three university degrees and too many decades of experience.

Knowledge and Experince matter.




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