For HODLers only ... Life changing News
For HODLers only ... Life changing News

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 6 Jul 2019

This is not financial advice.

Pardon me day traders but this isn't news you can get divs from.

It is news to get rich on. 

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Why XRP Matters

and why it should matter to you


Let me try to make a somewhat brief run down for you all, as this post could be a small book.


There isn't ONE crypto in the world worth anything - unless it has a real world use.

What runs the world? Banks. You were going to say governments, weren't you! LOL

What is XRP? XRP is a token of the RippleNet network.

This is not some run of the mill company, either, that is running RippleNet.


So let me see here ... it's called "cryptocurrency". Banks love money - okay, currency. Ripple, the company, has been working since 2014, I believe, to put together a global money exchange system that is way faster than anything in existance today. You will most likely know of MoneyGam. They just recently went life with XRP enabled transactions.

You know Westen Union is next ... aside form their CEO all but saying it. Western Union will get on board because Money gram can now send $1000 for !1, whereas through WesternUnion the same $1000 will cost around $27.

And that's how RippleNet is saving the average citizen money.


Now add in the multi-trillion dollar banking industry wanting to use this XRP. I mean literally ADD them in because there are over 200 banks working now to FINISH setting up a New World Order.


Just little cavet: XRP is just the token. There is a COMPLETE, and I mean complete, plan and technolgies ( plural ) that is currenly being put in place all over the world. From Japan to Switzerland to the EU to both North an South Americas. RIPPLE is global.


We are talking World Bank, IMF, the Central Banks ... the list goes on and on. Here are a few screenshots from of their customers. 

I'll end with a couple Youtubes! Follow me on Twitter.

There is just A LOT going to happen ... and it'll hit the world by storm!

Oh, did I mention Trump knows all about this and he's talking to banks.



Ripple Customers

remember, there are trillions being moved around the world






Youtubers I follow







I do hope you took and take some time to learn about Ripple and XRP. 

If you found this informative and would like to donate so I have time to put that little book together, it is much appreciated!

If I do not have your coin listed, comment and let me know, but I'm just keeping it simple for right now.



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