Crypto Pappy Is Happy

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 11 Mar 2019

Hey All!

Crypto Pappy Here and I'm happy!

Though these first few posts have been muses of mine, I'm very pleased and happy with the response!

It helps that the Enjin coin doubled since I bought it around a week ago :) Not rich just yet. Still, A Very Happy Crypto Pappy! You can read about my little Enjin endevour in the All Coins Are Not Created Equal post.

(Ugg! UGLY Disclaimer! I NEVER ENDORSE A COIN!Posting is just what I'm doing withmyself in the Crypto World, talking about, yadda ... ) 

In my post "All Coins Are Not Created Equal" I cover some of my basic, long term reasoning as well as ideas for future articles.

I definately will be creating a series detailing my coin purchase thinking in my "Coin-by-Coin posts", as mentioned in the "All Coins Are Not Created Equal".

Disclaimer, of course: I will be posting these"Coin-by-Coin posts" for both my historical reason and just some ole Crypto Pappy fun! If you happen to follow along, great! It would be awesome! But I am not making any recommendations. I'm just talking about my life and if it helps you, great again! :)

Remember folk: Be kind to all, and be sure to follow me on this Crypto-Journey.


Crytpo Pappy

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Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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