My Experience With Brave

By Chris Maillet | Crytpo How to | 10 Mar 2022

What is Brave?

Brave is a free and open source web browser that was developed by Brave Software, based on Chrome. Brave focuses on privacy and security and it automatically blocks ads and web trackers. It also gives users the choice to get paid in BAT (Basic Attention Token) cryptocurrency. You can also tip websites and content creators who support Brave. Brave has over 50 million users as of December of 2021.

Brave also has its own wallet which is a form of MetaMask a popular Crypto Wallet.

Why Brave?

Well Brave is a obvious choice for multiple reasons whether its for the ad blocking and tracker blocker or the fact that you get paid for using it or even how if you used Chrome before you can keep everything from Chrome and have it transferred to Brave. For me using brave is a obvious choice.

How much can you actually make from Brave?

That is a common question when i tell people about Brave, how much can you actually make? Well it depends on how much you actually use it. in one month i made 2.5 bat which at the time was about 2.60$ US. In the three months that i have been using brave i have made about 7 BAT but you can make a lot more depending again on how much you use Brave.


This was after three months of using brave and the estimated earnings was after 10 days of using it for this month.


What if i don't use Crypto?

Even if you aren't into crypto and dont care for it Brave is a great browser for other things to, like i said it has a built in ad blocker and can block trackers and you can even you Tor browser from brave without having to open Tor.


What Else?

Lots of people find brave runs quicker than other browsers and runs games really well too. And if you use Presearch ( if you dont know what Presearch is i will be writing an article about it) you can double your earnings for using Brave. And you also have Brave News which is informative about what is happening in the world and the crypto scene.


I think Brave is a great browser to use and it has so many reasons to use it and for a lot of people they have never heard of it but would love it and i hope that by reading this article you will be inclined to use Brave and help you decide if it is worth it or not ( which it is).



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