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By hayaletamir | CryptoNewAirdrops | 17 Jul 2020


$FLX is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum platform.

Although $FLXs should be stored on Felixo wallets to benefit from Airdrops, voting, commission discount etc. They can also be stored in soft/hard Ethereum Wallets. (MEW, Ledger Nano, Metamask , Eidoo etc.)

$FLX is a utiliy token to be used on Felixo crypto assets trading platform primarily to be used for

  • Payment of trading commissions
  • Coin Voting.
  • Receiving Airdrops from new listings.
  • Lending
  • Margin Trading
  • IEO participation


  • ICO for $FLX is foreseen at Q3 2019, excact date TBA.
  • 10% of total supply will be offered in exchange to $ETH
  • Softcap: 1.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.006$ Until Softcap is reached. (40% Discount until Softcap)
  • Hard Cap: 5.2 million $, 1 $FLX = 0.010$ After Softcap is reached.
  • Airdrop/Bounty tokens delivery will be independent from ICO schedule, they will be delivered instantly.
  • ICO will be held via EThereum smart contract. Same contract will include a funds-back function code, namely any ICO participator can send $FLX and get $ETH back within 3 months after ICO.

Felixo Roadmap



FLX Coin Distribution
  • 50% will be distributed for free to users of Felixo as signup Reward (Airdrop&Bounty)
  • 30% is reserved for Team, Advisors and Ambassadors. To be in circulation gradually within a 2 years time frame.
  • 10% is reserved for marketing, exchange listing fee, trading competition prizes etc.
  • 10% will be exchanged for $ETH in ICO at Q3 of 2019.



Vision of FELIXO and FLX Coin
  • Felixo is a new generation Crypto assets trading platform based in Turkey. The team/ owners of the platform are extremely skilled and experienced coders.

Felixo is a financial technology company, the founders of the BT ACADEMY and CRONOM SOFTWARE companies, has developed software projects with many local and foreign corporate companies. Was founded in 2018 by Sefer ALGAN and Oğuz YAĞMUR, who have been awarded many times by Microsoft to the Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Felixo works on the development and optimization of 5 full-time developer systems in its infrastructure.



In terms of development of new tools like ( Lending, Margin Trading, Airdrop Desk etc.) there is no local competitors in Turkey.

  • Turkey has the biggest number of Crypto Owners / Traders in Europe. Where there is a huge potential to grow. Traditionally Turkey based platforms are probably safest and most trustworthy in the world since not a single hack/exit scam etc. has been reported so far among the big number of them. However existing Turkey based platforms has been very sluggish and slow to catch up with new trends and developments so far and the local traders are mostly operating in foreign platforms.
  • Although Felixo’s aim was primarily to be the Leading trading platform on local market with a cutting-edge service we understood that this is not possible without being one of the biggest global platforms since Turkish users are peculiarly demanding on global prestige and only preferring to use world class platforms. So we switched our target to global markets.
  • The idea of $FLX is born in accordance with this goal switch. $FLXs will be crucial for global recognition and acceptance of the platform.
  • In order to be a solid global platform, a big and loyal community is essential, to achieve this $FLX is vital with a generous airdrop so that new users can get to know and appreciate the top notch technology and excellent user experience of Felixo


Business Model of FLX Coin
  • $FLX can be used in alternative to $BTC for exchange commission in all listed assets.
  • The amount of exchange commission will be depending on $FLX held by user.
    • 10 000 - 20 000 $FLX 10% less commission
    • 20 000 - 50 000 $FLX 20% less commission
    • 50 000 - 200 000 $FLX 30% less commission
    • 200 000 - 500 000 $FLX 40% less commission
    • 500 000 - 2 million $FLX 50% less commission
    • 2 million - 5 million $FLX 60% less commission
    • 5 million - 10 million $FLX 70% less commission
    • 10 million - 20 million $FLX 80% less commission
    • 20 million - 50 million $FLX 90% less commission
    • For 50 million or more $FLX, no commission fee will be charged
  • $FLX will be the base pair and can be traded to $BTC, $ETH, $XRP etc. and to all coins to be listed in the future.
  • $FLX can be used as a Lending asset and Margin Trading deposit.
  • $FLX will be used as voting power for Coin voting competitions.
  • $FLX amount in $FLX wallets will be taken as bases for proportionating newly listed coin airdrops.
  • Notes:
  • In case of signing up without referrer, no $FLX will be earned! This is a measure taken to support our referrers who we value very much and see as fundamental to create a strong community.
  • Spams and fake accounts are easy to identify for us and those accounts will be excluded from the campaign.
  • Listed amounts are for first 10 000 users.
    • After 10 000 signups, $FLX rewards will be 30% less than listed amounts
    • After 50 000 signups, $FLX rewards will be 50% less than listed amounts.
    • After 100 000 signups, $FLX rewards will be 60% less than listed amounts.
    • After 200 000 signups, $FLX rewards will be 70% less than listed amounts
  • Due to avoid rewarding fraudsters with fake accounts, Telegram verification is a must. Accounts with Telegram verifications are already approved. Rewards for accounts without verification are on hold until verification.


Buy-Back and Burn Process
  • 20% of the quarterly profit of Felixo and affiliate platforms will be used to buy back $FLXs from the market.
  • Bought back tokens will be burnt which will be transparently visible via Ethereum explorer.
  • Detailed and transparent information will be provided before and after each burning process.

For Felixo Exchange and rewards

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