Ripay: Send Ripple (XRP) to millions of users

By PhoenixDev | CryptoWorld - CW | 15 Aug 2020

What is Ripay?

Ripay allows you to send money to millions of people through our favorite messaging applications: Telegram, Slack ... and simply by typing something like 'Pay 10 to Paul'.

This is done by Ripay through the Ripple network and the XRP Ledger, and through the PayId protocol, which allows you to send payments in Ripple without having to know your Ripple address.

How was Ripay created?

Ripay is the work of the programmer Kuyawa Kata, who created it with the idea of having a decentralized application that would facilitate sending money to everyone.

Ripay was featured at the PayId Hackathon, and although it did not win the first prize, it did receive the attention of the entire community.

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