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Discover the Bloackchain world: resources to learn

By PhoenixDev | CryptoWorld - CW | 12 Jun 2020

Blockchain technology is becoming more important every day. So why not learn how it works? Blockchain technology is really powerful and presents numerous applications in fields as different as health, data management, governments or, of course, cryptocurrencies.


Here I leave you some courses that will allow you to enter the blockchain world and know how it affects us today and how it can do so in the future.

1. Blockchain by IBM 

This is an IBM blog where we can learn the basic concepts of blockchain, develop basic blockchain applications, and understand and work with Hyperledger.

2. Blockchain Specialized program (Coursera - University at Buffalo / State University of New York)

With an intermediate level, this specialization made up of four courses is especially aimed at developers and designers who work in the development and implementation of blockchain applications.

Above all, it focuses on Ethereum and its four courses allow us to understand how blockchain works, how to design and implement smart contracts, how to develop decentralized applications and their use in the industry.

This course takes 4 month aprox. to complete (with a effort of 4 h/week) and has a rate of 4.6/5.

3. The Complete Course On Understanding Blockchain Technology (Udemy) 

This Udemy course is aimed at people who want to enter the world of the clock chain and with the power to understand how blockchain technology works, what Bitcoin is and how it works, applications and limitations of blocking, smart contracts with Ethereum, ...

This course has 16 classes (50 min total) and has a rate or 4.4/5.

4. Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain (Udemy)

This Udemy course allows us to know the key concepts of the blockchain: why it is important, the theory on which it is based and how to create a blockchain. It also teaches us what cryptocurrencies are and how to create our own cryptocurrency. They also explain what smart contracts are and how to create your own.

This course has 95 classes (14.5 hours total) and has a rate or 4.6/5.

5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (edX - Berkeley University of California)

This course allows students to learn the basics about Bitcoin an cryptocurrency (not only the mechanics but also real aspects as wallets, mining or transactions), what smart contracts are, the Ethereum platform and how to build decentralized applications.
This course has a duration of 6 weeks (with an effort of 3-5 h/week).

6. Enterprise Blockchain Crash course

This course aims to deal with the topic of blockchain from a business point of view, as it explains business blockchains and how the blockchain affects business processes. In this course you will be able to study use cases related to the business world, as well as real-life examples of blockchain.

7. Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals (edX - Berkeley University of California) 

This professionally certified Berkeley course allows us to: develop our own blockchain solutions, understand in depth the mechanics of Bitcoin, understand the applications of Bitcoin in real life, how to implement blockchain at the enterprise level.
It also shows the existing regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and the implications that this entails from the point of view of anonymity.

The two courses of this certificate have a duration of 3 months (with an effort of 3-5 h/week).

8. Professional Certificate in Blockchain for Business (edX - The Linux Foundation) 

This professional certificate is aimed at business professionals with the intention of showing them what blockchain is, how it works and some use cases and applications in businesses and companies.
It seeks to show these professionals the impact that the blockchain is having and its potential for change in the world.

The two courses of this certificate have a duration of 7 months (with an effort of 3-4 h/week).

9. Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (edX - The Linux Foundation) 

This is a course basically aimed at business professionals, as they study blockchain from the business point of view along with some use cases (with Hyperledger projects, which promote open source blockchain software at the business level).

It will be observed from how the blockchain works to how to apply it in business to generate value (cost savings, increased efficiency, resolution of problems related to privacy and security, ...), as well as how it is generated, stored and Share the information on the blockchain.

This course have a duration of 14 weeks (with an effort of 3-4 h/week).

10. Specialized program: Blockchain Revolution (Coursera - INSEAD) 

It is a specialized program based on four courses that show us what blockchain is and how it works, why it is revolutionary and how it is breaking into business and financial services.

In these courses, students will learn the seven design principles for the "Blockchain Revolution", the top 10 challenges when it comes to implementing blockchain technology, different terminology related to the blockchain world as well as evaluating the feasibility of blockchain implementation. in the industry.

This specialization have a duration of 5 months (with an effort of 3 h/week) and a rate of 4.7/5.


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