Perhaps We Shouldn’t Use the Loopring Wallet (Yet)
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Perhaps We Shouldn’t Use the Loopring Wallet (Yet)

By Ruth eMouse | CryptoWithRuth | 19 Feb 2021

The TLDR     

  1. Loopring wanted me to pay $401 to start using their wallet, and I said - HECK NO 


Sign up images below

Choose Wallet Name

Loopring Wallet Address$401 Wallet Creation Gas Fee Cost


Charge ReasoningQR Code for Payment


Alt Means of PaymentEasy to Use



    I enjoy exploring, and trying new services - particularly if they’re related to the services that I’m already using (i.e. Loopring). Loopring touted their wallet as something for our good. I naturally agreed, and wanted to try it out. 

This link below -- I had noticed the fees, but it didn’t sink in.


I went through the mobile app to sign up … and at the end they asked for a $400 payment! I wasn’t even depositing from L1 to L2, and they wanted $$!? 

--- oh yea …. On the fee table it does describe a cost for creation of a new wallet. Hmmm 


 Creation of new wallet ≈ Ethereum TX gas cost


Well then *clears throat*, perhaps it's best to just be patient until things get better gas wise. 

I’ve bookmarked these two gas trackers for you

On the other hand …. 

     paying for a wallet without ever having tried the wallet doesn’t sound like a wise idea. 


Recommendation for Loopring

    Do something about the wallet creation fee -- it will make adoption far more pleasant.   

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