Time for DAO Gaming

By Vladan Lausevic | CryptoVlad | 1 Jun 2023

The recent newsletter article via Bankless DAO  discusses the challenges faced by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in achieving fair and equitable decision-making. It highlights the limitations of the "one-token one-vote" model and the dominance of whales in the governance process.

The newsletter introduces the concept of gamifying DAO governance by incorporating soulbond tokens, experience points (XP) and building meritocratic online communities. These approaches aim to promote long-term engagement, incentivize contribution, and ensure a fair distribution of decision-making power among community members.

The article also mentions an upcoming event called Game7, featuring esports tournaments, immersive gameplay, and networking opportunities for industry pioneers. It details the event, including the date, location, and a discount code for the Bankless community to purchase tickets.

It mentions "The DAO Anthology," a collaborative publication exploring the theory and practice of DAOs, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various DAO voting schemes. In addition, the article includes a section on ecosystem takes and thought pieces from the DAO ecosystem. The article concludes by discussing the potential of AI-backed processes in decentralized organizations and the importance of combining on-chain and off-chain governance mechanisms for effective decision-making.

In general, the article emphasizes the need to rethink governance models in DAOs and explores innovative approaches to promote inclusivity, transparency, and meritocracy within these organizations.


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