Verasity’s GameStore Launch Comes at a PERFECT Time
Verasity’s GameStore Launch Comes at a PERFECT Time

By AnalystX | CryptoTrendMiners | 27 Mar 2020

Beyond the looming economic, financial, and health fallout of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, there is a brighter side. Shacked up at home with family, people are spending quality time they otherwise wouldn’t have had together. In some instances, maybe too much family time. 

Video games consequently provide both the outlet for any introverts struggling to remain cooped up with others and a way for extroverts to better socialize in a local setting and through the web. If the Internet wasn’t already popular enough, it’s never been more popular than now. 

Fortunately, products like Verasity’s GameStore Launch couldn’t be more ideally timed, even if by sheer coincidence. 

“We understand that the current Coronavirus outbreak has left us all feeling vulnerable with self-isolation and social distancing forcing us to be separated from friends and family,” details the Verasity blog post announcing the launch. “The GameStore is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family by playing with them or against them online.” 

Verasity is a blossoming rewards-based platform for videos, gaming, and other digital entertainment that relies on a unique attention-focused rewards system using its VRA token. The rollout of the GameStore is another major delivery for the platform, following some already impressive adoption numbers emanating from its insertion into mainstream platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo. 


Video Games to The Rescue 


People are naturally turning to video games while they remained confined to their homes in many countries around the world. Twitch streaming numbers are already swelling to highs, and Verizon is even reporting a 75 percent boost in video game usage over the last several weeks. 

Concerns about Internet bandwidth bloat have even prompted Netflix to actually reduce the streaming quality of its content during the pandemic to ease Internet capacity. While that may benefit Internet capacity, gamers are unlikely to turn off their consoles, PCs, or phones while the dally around all day. 


Enter Verasity


Verasity’s GameStore has been in the works for several months and tapped over 550 game publishers to craft an experience that allows games to increase engagement and generate monetization of their games using a portal on Verasity. 

The platform includes a multitude of games, such as free-to-play/ad-supported, subscription-based, cost to play with Verasity’s native VRA token, game credits redeemable in VRA, and wagering/betting using pools of game credits. The suite of games caters to all quarantine tastes, whether you enjoy casual games, MMO, multiplayer, puzzles, and more. 

Overall, the GameStore is a win-win for both the consumer and game publisher, who often have trouble monetizing game content and expanding engagement. Verasity empowers these games via its technology that is embedded directly into target platforms. Using a portal to Verasity, users of the games in the GameStore can be rewarded in the native VRA token for playing games or watching videos, even ads. 

Verasity uses its own GameStore to avoid Google and Apple shutting down its model for rewarding users, which is one of the primary drivers for its creation. Eventually, we may look back at concepts like Verasity’s GameStore as the straw the broke the camel’s back of the consolidated app marketplace dominated by major tech firms. 

And the features are highly enticing for gamers. 

For example, in the wagering/betting pools, users can compete for prizes in Game Credits, which can then be exchanged for VRA tokens, and eventually, other crypto assets or USD. At a high level, the GameStore enables gamers to extract value from their gaming experience and convert it into real-world, fiat currency while the boutique and alternative game publishers get more exposure and engagement. The Verasity team has a video displaying how simple the process is to get started. 

At an uncertain economic time when financial incentives are at a premium, that’s a promising foundation to build a growing community of users and game publishers. 


The Forced Hand of Adoption 


Again, the negative consequences of COVID-19 aside, there are glimmers of light at the end of this debacle. In particular, the opportunity for crypto adoption may have never been better than now, and in some scenarios, the current dilemma may push users to reward-based platforms like Verasity as they weigh other options outside the usual suspects. 

Verasity’s broad incorporation of over 550 game publishers can help usher in favor of the GameStore and attention-based reward design that bypasses many pitfalls of conventional models. For example, many publishers struggle to monetize content without using intrusive ads -- a type of nuisance that Gen Z and Millennials, the biggest gaming demographic, have a stark aversion to

With more time on their hands exploring the lists of games and digital marketplaces out there, many gamers may stumble across the benefits of Verasity’s GameStore, stoking a grassroots departure from other models. Verasity is catering to independent game and video publishers in this regard, who want to shed the stringent controls, bans, and censorship of centralized gaming and video platforms. 

Eventually, a sizeable movement of game publishers and video content producers towards platforms that reward them and foster open marketplaces seems inevitable. 

“This is a huge opportunity for Verasity (VRA) which will now be utilized across hundreds of popular games with hundreds of millions of users and page views,” detailed Verasity Co-Founder, John Rankin in the recent Verasity blog post. “VRA will become synonymous with rewarded gaming!” 

Such a development may have not been possible without the ancillary effects of everyone being quarantined. Frustrations with current marketplaces and strict in-game controls (e.g., Fortnite) may begin to simmer among users, and a broad brush of 550+ game publishers is sure to draw the attention of the gaming community. 

Similar platforms, based on the attention-reward model, have already garnered significant adoption, like the Brave Browser. 

But Brave doesn’t include a GameStore or built-in fiat gateway like Verasity does. Both the GameStore and fiat gateway are highly appealing to video and game publishers too. Gamers will follow the content and monetization opportunities, so should more publishers join the Verasity GameStore -- watch out, Google and Apple may have some marketplace competition. 

If you've heard of tokens and reward-based platforms but have never explored them before -- why not give Verasity a shot? 

It’s not like you have anywhere else to go with a viral pandemic on the loose. Maybe you can earn some cash playing fun games in the meantime. 

Check it out at:


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